Radio Vinyl Series aka Digging the Radio France Archive!

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. Jul-29-2014

Do you guys speak french? I honestly don’t but, when it comes to music, I break any cultural barriers and I try to get inspiration everywhere. This is why I found this series of video very informative and interesting even if the web site is in french as well as most of the videos. After all, you don’t really have to understand a person who shows you a vinyl cover and make you listen to some obscure music. It happened that I was dicking around as I often do on the web, seeking for some nice undiscovered music when I came across this site. I was honestly skeptical and my approach was doubtfully: ok great, for the umpteenth time we got some diggers and musicians showing off their record collections, nothing new under the sun.

Neneh Cherry dans Radio Vinyle #36 sur France… by radiofrance

Instead, I realized that the concept behind this series is completely new and catchy. The musicians are in fact invited to visit the Radio France archive (can you imagine that?) where they walk through aisles after aisles of vinyl, I mean literally, definitely not comparable to any private collection out there. Now, they are like Charlie visiting the chocolate fabric and they can just pick up any vinyl like they just don’t care. After that, they seat and start having an interview about their choices and of course they play some records for the audience. We have different type of artists showing up in this series. Popular musicians as Demon Albarn and Cassius, well known diggers and producers such as Madlib, jazz giants like Ahmad Jamal and a lot of more intriguing persons. Grab your french dictionary and dig these footages.

Radio Vinyl Radio France