Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Feb-14-2008

This has nothing to do with music…

If you love football (soccer) as much as I do, today is a sad day. Ronaldo is one of my favourite players of all time! After this umpteenth injury his career is probably over. Thanks!

Ronaldo video II

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  1. Antonio says:

    eh… shit happens!

  2. smokeYYY says:

    An all time legend…sad to hear

  3. fritz says:

    Don’t want to come across as a hard bastard but… his career was over ages ago, Milan (my team!) only bought him to sell t-shirts in Japan. He hardly ever played, too busy partying hard. He’s not crippled and he’s got plenty of money to enjoy his retirement, so where’s the problem?

    After the way he treated Inter (spent two years getting paid while injured, then as soon as he was fit again he buggered off to Real Madrid) I have no sympathy for this fat mercenary. Sorry.

    Thanks for the music though ;-)

  4. There is no problem at all Fritz.

    I know his career was over ages ago, but now is officially over…and this is sad from my point of view. I also know that he is not crippled and he is rich as hell.

    I am not crying, believe me :)

    You can even call him a mercenary for what he did, but you know, i support Roma, so i don’t care. I judge the player not the man and he was awesome before the first injury!!!

    Anyway, enjoy the music!

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  6. jrock says:

    im glad PATO got to train with him. A great career club & country, the goal vs germany before the world cup was my fav! also i write to him @ inter years back and they sent me a package of signed stuff. very nice of them

  7. @ Timjim

    Love your work, really!

    I will promote your stuff in the next days!!!


  8. Thanks for positive words.

    Do you have an email so I can send you details on next site when its finished? It’s a funky latin number for Mr Bongo.

    Always best wishes


  9. kadirou says:

    bonjor musyo ronaldo je love fotballe vs ronaldo

  10. Anyway, he is alive and is doing his thing as usual