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DJ MP45 – Slowed Fo’ Da Summa

DJ MP45 - Slowed Fo' Da Summa

Welcome back people! As you might have noticed lately, we are not posting reviews or long posts anymore, mainly because we have very little time for the blog. But we [...]

Turn Off MTV, Time For M&J TV (Part II)

Turn Off MTV, Time For M&J TV (Part II)

Welcome back, here’s another video playlist with a lot of interesting video clips i selected over the last few months. A lot of people are like “i don’t know what [...]

He’s a big man, thats what he wants, he’s a badman, thats his response…

Love this track… …and this one as well! How u feel it? Listen! Roll Deep “Badman” Listen! Dizzee Rascal feat. UGK “Where da Gs” Listen! Where da Gs El-P remix! [...]

UGK – Trill Azz Mixes: Southern Rap At Its Best

Who says good rap music in the 90′s was only from east coast and west coast? The south coast had some extra-dope hip hop music too. The Geto Boys, the [...]