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Don Cherry And The Avant-Garde

Don Cherry And The Avant-Garde

Today I want to talk about one of the artists I am digging a lot in this last period. Being very attracted by artists such as Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders, [...]

A Low Cost, Low Fi Music Selection From YouTube

A Low Cost, Low Fi Music Selection From YouTube

Welcome back. Remember our last selection of tunes from YouTube? There is so much good stuff up there it’s impossible not to make another one. But this time we go [...]

Sun Ra – Space Is The Place (1974)

Sun Ra - Space Is The Place (1974)

I was having fish n chips with my dad this week. He had cod, I had plaice. He said: good cod! I said, space is the plaice! Sun Ra My [...]

Jazz Is For The Kids

This winter I have been mostly listening to Jazz music. Am I getting old? Nah, I am still very energetic and you can find me in my living room trying [...]

The Cry of Jazz

Love it or hate it, I have found this old short movie very significant. Filmmaker and composer Edward O. Bland’s polemical essay on the politics of music and race: a [...]

Dumpster Funk 2 by Rchecka

Do you remember this Sun Ra tribute? It was a really pleasant and educational journey into Sun Ra music. Now, the man behind the decks of that mix is back [...]

Sun Ra Moscow International Jazz Festival 1990 TV Broadcast

Amazing footage! [googlevideo=]

Camouflaged People Are My People!

Camouflaged People Are My People!

Ok Mr Jopparelli your video below was good, no doubt about it. But let me show you something… How you feel that? They are crazy, aren’t they? And since I [...]

A Sun Ra Tribute by Rchecka!

A couple of weeks ago i found this mix on the  Diggers With Gratitude forum, done by RCHECKA. I’m no expert on SUN RA but i think this could be [...]

Celebrating Bird

Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn. They teach you there’s a boundary line to [...]

Pharoah Sanders With Lonnie Liston Smith – Live in Nice (France), 1971

I’m not the original ripper of this precious radio recording from 1971. I wasn’t even born in 1971 to be honest, so first of all props to Sriambre -this is [...]

10 Great Live Performances from Youtube and 10 Great Interviews (part 2)

Don’t forget to check the PART 1 as well! SUN RA ARKESTRA Sun Ra: I think of myself as a complete mystery. To myself. Jennifer Rycenga: And you do what [...]

Sun Ra – Brother From Another Planet

I have found this interesting documentary on youtube: Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 That’s it for now but I will talk about Sun Ra [...]