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Guest Mix: Jeeezz by Fugu

Yet another guest mix! I absolutely like to promote people from my country but you know, you have to be skilled. If you got skills and on the top of [...]

Jared Boxx aka JBX from Big City Records

Today I want to point you out to 3 mixes. The man in control is Jared Boxx owner of Big City Records (NYC)! All his mixes are ace. I mean, [...]

M&J Summer Edition: 3 Great Mixes for Your Late Summer Party

We will be back in a few days. In the last M&J summer edition post we bless you with 3 dope mixes from the one and the only Martyn. He [...]

M&J Summer Edition: Another Classic Afican Mix

Frank over at Voodoo Funk is definitely one of my favourite selecta out there. This mix is the umpteenth proof. Go to his page and show him your love. He [...]

Duccio & Tommy aka Skoolbwoy Hi-Fi

Duccio & Tommy aka Skoolbwoy Hi-Fi

Once again we let the others work for us! (yeah, you can call us lazy bastard if you want). That’s mean another guest mix. This time we really feel our [...]

The Karl Hector Show

Being a big fans of Karl Hector & The Malcouns I was very excited to find this mix on Soul Strut. It’s a mix they did last year to promote [...]

He Did It Again: DJ Kid Grebo Presents Paul C Lives Vol 2 featuring The Legendary Prince Po

Here we go with Paul C Lives Vol 2, another classic mix by our man Kid Grebo. Don’t you dare to miss the part 1 and give him props on [...]

Mike Love, Not War: The Interview

Ladies and gentleman, here we are with another epic interview. This time starring is DJ Mike Love, brought under the spotlight by his “American Gangster” remix project, called “Nigerian Gangster”, [...]

Another Short Post For Another Great Mix

Hey guys, I keep it short once again! Just let me point out this lovely mix from the Superfly crew, you won’t be disappointed. Trust me!

Don’t miss this…

Don't miss this...

He is my favourite DJ right now and he gots a blog full of mixes. Who am i talking about? Trace it here!

Kicking and Screaming with Funkmaster Flex

Kicking and Screaming with Funkmaster Flex

Ok guys, did you enjoy Flying Lotus? I personally did a lot, but what about you? Was it too experimental? Don’t you feel ready for the future? I understand! That’s [...]

DJ Kid Grebo Introduce his Mixtape aka Paul C Lives Vol 1 featuring The Legendary Prince Po

I got to say thanks to DJ Kid Grebo for this short post about his great mix. Enjoy! Paul C. Mckasty was an incredible musician, he helped create some of [...]

DJ Superix Interview

DJ Superix Interview

[Jopparelli] Few months ago, we came across a fantastic mixtape of 90′s hip hop remixes and b-sides…just the way we like it. We were quite surprised to find out that [...]

DJ Nes Interview

[slideshow id=2089670227115824683&w=426&h=320] Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, can I have your attention please? Today I am very pleased to introduce to you our second interview. The man in charge [...]

Yet Another Milestone: 1983 – Afrika Islam – WHBI 105.9FM

Here we go, 400000 hits. Enjoy this mix and keep supporting us! Afrika Islam 1983

Dj Chubby Chub – Street Madness Mixtape (1996)

DJMP45 provided us our favourite hip hop mixtape from the 90′s. For me, mr. Martini and the rest of the crew this mixtape is special because it’s the one that [...]

Dj Premier/Mr.Thing: The Kings Of Hip Hop

Dj Premier/Mr.Thing: The Kings Of Hip Hop

Holiday time here in Italy, just a quick post for one of my favourite cds. I bought this CD at the Rototom Sunsplash festival in 2005…i guess i was one [...]