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DJ Definit – Fresh 2 Def

DJ Definit - Fresh 2 Def

Not a big fan of today’s Hip Hop as you definitely know but, with this very quick post, I want to point you out to a very sweet mixtape. I [...]

Camon’ Give Me a Break! (part 19)

1 John Holt – I Will Jay Z – Encore 2 Lennie Hibbert – Rose Len Ms Dynamite’s – Dy-Na-My-Tee 3 Herb Alpert – Trasure Of San Miguel Method Man [...]

Camon’ give me a break! (part 17)

1 Mayad El Hennawi – Alouli Ansa Aaliyah & Timbaland – More Than a Woman 2 Dennis Olivieri – I Cry in the Morning DJ Shadow – Six Days 3 [...]

Who Killed Hip Hop? Top 10 Suspects

Here we are with another guest post. This time our dude Antonio gives us his point of view about something we are really concerned about: Who killed Hip Hop? When [...]

Janko Nilovic & Dave Sucky declared war to the Auto-Tune

Not my usual 5 breaks post. Only one this time but is the one you will hear a lot in the next months. So…don’t complain! Listen to Janko Nilovic & [...]

Quasimoto “Axe Puzzles” + Mel & Tim “Keep the Faith” + Jay Z “The Prelude”

First of all, I just heard that Florida had a song sampling some italian 90′s commercial-dance music aka the lamest music ever: what-the-fuck. Mel & Tim are from Holly Springs, [...]

Pharoah Sanders With Lonnie Liston Smith – Live in Nice (France), 1971

I’m not the original ripper of this precious radio recording from 1971. I wasn’t even born in 1971 to be honest, so first of all props to Sriambre -this is [...]

Camon’ give me a break (Spanish Fly Edition)! Part 11

1 Fania All Stars – Cha Cha Cha Blackalicious – Making Progress Kool G Rap – My Life 2 Walter Wanderley – Summer Samba De La Soul – Supa Emcees [...]

Nigerian Gangster

That was mad. But I am not really into this kind of stuff honestly. Anyhow, this time I have to make an exception: Jay Z & Fela Kuti Still not [...]

Dj Chubby Chub – Street Madness Mixtape (1996)

DJMP45 provided us our favourite hip hop mixtape from the 90′s. For me, mr. Martini and the rest of the crew this mixtape is special because it’s the one that [...]