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Zat You, Santa Claus?

Zat You, Santa Claus?

Benji B and J Rocc teamed up for this amazing christmas mix back in the 2009. During this dope session, they play a lot of different stuff, covering almost any [...]

J Rocc – Soul Assassins Radio Fall Mixtape

J Rocc - Soul Assassins Radio Fall Mixtape

J Rocc strikes again! And it’s dope as usual. Dig for more here. Soul Assassins is very pleased to announce a music collaboration with legendary Beat Junkies DJ J. Rocc. [...]

Soundation Rules The Nation!

Soundation Rules The Nation!

I don’t listen that much Reggae during the winter, I simply don’t feel the positive vibes when outside is raining and the air is cold and the sky is dark [...]

J Rocc – Funk & Rock & Soul mix

J Rocc - Funk & Rock & Soul mix

Welcome back! Wanna hear some truly dope beats? Ask the Beat Junkies: it’s time for an awesome, funky percussive weird sample-esque freaky rock funk psych ethnic bizarre mix by the [...]

The Fantastic Two: Madlib & J Rocc

I have seen Madlib and J Rocc twice! The first time in Rome two years ago, they were touring with the Brasilintime (with Tony Allen, Ivan Conti, DJ Nuts among [...]

Martini & Jopparelli’s Journey to the Brasilian side of Rome

We did it. More than 6 hours to reach Rome and of course 6 to come back. All in less than 24 hours, nah mean? But believe me, it was [...]