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BiggaBush – Music By The Yard

BiggaBush – Music By The Yard

There are some artists who last for just one musical season and there are some others who had the ability to endure the test of time. Bigga Bush definitely belongs [...]

Lester Bowie Meets Fela Kuti

I have found this interview really interesting. Lester Bowie from The Art Ensamble of Chicago talks about the time he has spent in Lagos where he get very close to [...]

Exclusive Interview with Glyn “Bigga” Bush!

It was exactly one year ago when we had the chance to talk with Glyn “Bigga” Bush. Actually it was not a real conversation as we asked him to freely [...]

10 Great Live Performances from Youtube and 10 Great Interviews (part 2)

Don’t forget to check the PART 1 as well! SUN RA ARKESTRA Sun Ra: I think of myself as a complete mystery. To myself. Jennifer Rycenga: And you do what [...]

DJ Mayonnaise Interview

Dj Mayonnaise is one of the most underrated Djs out there, no doubt about it. Today here at Martini & Jopparelli, with this interview, we want to give credit where [...]

10 Great Live Performances from Youtube and 10 Great Interviews (part 1)

Let’s start with 5! Not in any particular order: MILES DAVIS You want to know how I started playing trumpet? My father bought me one, and I studied the trumpet. [...]

DJ Nes Interview

[slideshow id=2089670227115824683&w=426&h=320] Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, can I have your attention please? Today I am very pleased to introduce to you our second interview. The man in charge [...]