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DJ MP45 – Slowed Fo’ Da Summa

DJ MP45 - Slowed Fo' Da Summa

Welcome back people! As you might have noticed lately, we are not posting reviews or long posts anymore, mainly because we have very little time for the blog. But we [...]

DJMP45 – Do the Wrong Thing

DJMP45 - Do the Wrong Thing

It’s time to give something to the real Hip Hop connoissieurs. Check this nice mixtape from our friend DJMP45. It’s all West Coast and South Coast slept-on stuff from the [...]

Whenever I Remember Them, It Fills Me With Nostalgia!

Biggie Smalls and Method Man live performing The What (1994) Look at this video: they gots skills, they gots presence, they gots charisma, they gots personhood, they gots flow, they [...]