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Broken Language before “Broken Language”

Broken Language before "Broken Language"

Today i was listening to this majestic, big hit from the late 90s: Broken Language by Smoothe The Hustla & Trigga The Gambla, and i found a connection with another [...]

Funkmaster Flex – On Hot 97 February 1996

Funkmaster Flex - On Hot 97 February 1996

Welcome back, today we have a nice radio rip from NY’s own HOT97 from 1996, straight from (the ending of) Hip Hop’s golden era. This tape is full of classics [...]

Wild Pitch Classics!

Wild Pitch Classics!

Chill Rob G – this is the classic example of song you might have missed. The drums are the highlight in this one, very original. Notice that latin percussion sound [...]