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Lester Bowie Meets Fela Kuti

I have found this interview really interesting. Lester Bowie from The Art Ensamble of Chicago talks about the time he has spent in Lagos where he get very close to [...]

4 Albums You Should Not Miss!

Going around the web searching for dope music is definitely one of my favourite sports. Especially because I can practice from my couch while I am sipping on some Heineken! [...]

The Funny Life of a Digger (part 2)

Do you remember this? That was a funny title indeed! Now, what about this group name? Would you choose it for your new band? The name is Gay Flamingoes Steelband [...]

Mike Love, Not War: The Interview

Ladies and gentleman, here we are with another epic interview. This time starring is DJ Mike Love, brought under the spotlight by his “American Gangster” remix project, called “Nigerian Gangster”, [...]

A Must See Concert: Seun Kuti

Last night I saw Seun Kuti live here in Turin. That was dope, dope, dope as hell!!!!! I am too busy at the moment to do a proper review but [...]

10 Great Live Performances from Youtube and 10 Great Interviews (part 1)

Let’s start with 5! Not in any particular order: MILES DAVIS You want to know how I started playing trumpet? My father bought me one, and I studied the trumpet. [...]

Nigerian Gangster

That was mad. But I am not really into this kind of stuff honestly. Anyhow, this time I have to make an exception: Jay Z & Fela Kuti Still not [...]

Afrobeat – The Sound Of Nigeria

Afrobeat - The Sound Of Nigeria

Do you remember my old post about Fela Kuti? (Check here for a quick refresh). That was my first step into Fela’s world. Now, after almost three months, I have [...]