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When Something Goes Wrong!

When Something Goes Wrong!

Shit happens! Let’s see some of our idols taking the wrong turn. Nothin’ but a steroid thang baby When the South Bronx meets Naples you better be ready. From The [...]

Who Killed Hip Hop? Top 10 Suspects

Here we are with another guest post. This time our dude Antonio gives us his point of view about something we are really concerned about: Who killed Hip Hop? When [...]

Guest Mix By Hillel Cool J from Illmeasures

Hi everybody, here we go with another killer guest post. My man Hillel Cool J from read my rant about contemporary hip hop and he decided to make me [...]

Whenever I Remember Them, It Fills Me With Nostalgia!

Biggie Smalls and Method Man live performing The What (1994) Look at this video: they gots skills, they gots presence, they gots charisma, they gots personhood, they gots flow, they [...]

Dave Clarke – Electro Boogie!!!

This is a killer mix. An essay about real Electro Funk, a term which is often misused nowadays. In fact, it might get confused with the post-2000 house music style which [...]