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DJ Premier – Michael Jackson R.I.P. Tribute Mixtape

DJ Premier - Michael Jackson R.I.P. Tribute Mixtape

REPOST 2013: this post is originally from 2009, but we decided to repost it because in the meantime this mix had more than 150000 downloads according to DJ Premier’s blog. [...]

I Put A Spell On You!

“Your reign on the top was short like leprechauns, as I crush so-called willies thugs and rapper dons…” One of the greatest lines ever, if you never happened to nod [...]

Who Killed Hip Hop? Top 10 Suspects

Here we are with another guest post. This time our dude Antonio gives us his point of view about something we are really concerned about: Who killed Hip Hop? When [...]

Guest Mix By Hillel Cool J from Illmeasures

Hi everybody, here we go with another killer guest post. My man Hillel Cool J from read my rant about contemporary hip hop and he decided to make me [...]

DJ Premier on Wax Poetics Radio!

First of all: We are on Facebook! If you follow this blog and you have a Facebook account don’t be shy: get in touch! You know we got dope music [...]

Dj Premier/Mr.Thing: The Kings Of Hip Hop

Dj Premier/Mr.Thing: The Kings Of Hip Hop

Holiday time here in Italy, just a quick post for one of my favourite cds. I bought this CD at the Rototom Sunsplash festival in 2005…i guess i was one [...]

My Favourite DJ Premier Mixtape

This time my post is an OBVIOUS JOINT: who is the most acclaimed dj-producer in 90′s hip-hop? FOR ALL THOSE who still don’ t know: Premiere. Back in the 90′s [...]