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Broken Language before “Broken Language”

Broken Language before "Broken Language"

Today i was listening to this majestic, big hit from the late 90s: Broken Language by Smoothe The Hustla & Trigga The Gambla, and i found a connection with another [...]

M&J’s 80s-inspired Mix for RITMO RADIO SHOW

M&J's 80s-inspired Mix for RITMO RADIO SHOW

Welcome back! A new exciting Ritmo Radio Show season has just started on the airwaves of Controradio FM (Firenze, Italy). This year we will still be contributing one mix each month, [...]

So 80s you can smell the sweat: Rustie’s mix for FACT mag.

Hey, welcome back to you fav source of wack and outdated music. I’m very sorry for the lack of posts lately but me and Mr.Martini are really working hard and [...]

Top 10 Funny Rap Videos

Let’s talk straight forward: Rap videos usually suck! Today videos are all about bling bling, back in the days they were mostly focused on Gangsta topics. In both case I [...]