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Turn Off MTV, Time For M&J TV !!

Turn Off MTV, Time For M&J TV !!

Ok this is kind of a joke here, but i made a youtube playlist with more than one hour of very interesting footage, and i was like: hey this is [...]

DJ Definit – Fresh 2 Def

DJ Definit - Fresh 2 Def

Not a big fan of today’s Hip Hop as you definitely know but, with this very quick post, I want to point you out to a very sweet mixtape. I [...]

Camon’ Give Me a Break! (part 18)

1 Loose Ends – A Little Spice Camp Lo – Rockin’ it aka Spanish Harlem 2 Mel & Tim – Good Guys Only Win In The Movies Cypress Hill – [...]

They’re Back! Son Of A….

Our long-time followers know that we are huge Camp-Lo fans here at M&J’s. So when I saw this video yesterday on Nah Right i was on cloud nine. They’re back, [...]