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Hatcha Dubplate Mix

Want some bass? Let me point you this remarkable mix by Hatcha from his show, boradcasted on Kiss FM a month ago. He nicely blends different flavours of Dubstep, from [...]

Roots Of Dubstep Still Strong

On 2009-07-15, Hatcha & Crazy D had the orginal Ghost Crew, J Da Flex and EL-B in the studio. Time passes, but the guys who invented Dubstep, are still puttin [...]

Benga & Skream: What a Night!

Definitely one of the best DJ sets we have ever been in our entire life. Nowadays there is really nothing musically comparable with a Dubstep night (imho). Benga and Skream [...]

Go Joppa It’s Your Birthday We Gon’ Party Like It’s Yo Birthday We Gon’ Sip Martini Like It’s Your Birthday!

Saturday we will celebrate Jopparelli’s birthday in our own way: you know i mean… Yes Sir, Oui Mademoiselle, we will do it again, in case you are around, let’s party [...]

Skream Essential Mix: This Is Dubstep!

Skream Essential Mix: This Is Dubstep!

Once again, let’s talk about some good contemporary music. After all, we cannot live forever in the past (even if it would be great to live -at least musically- in [...]