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Ritmo Radio Show – 23.05.2015 – M&J in the “Afro Madness” mix

Ritmo Radio Show - 23.05.2015 - M&J in the "Afro Madness" mix

Welcome back, this month for the last spot of the season we dropped an african-based mixtape once again. Do you remember our “Afro Madness” mixed selections we’ve been carrying on [...]

Jopparelli’s Cinematic Mix For Ragnampiza

Jopparelli's Cinematic Mix For Ragnampiza

Just a quick post to let you know that we made a guest mix for the excellent italian radio show Ragnampiza, and the mix is now available for download on [...]

More Voodoo Funk

Damn, he did it again: Frank is back with nothing less than 5 mixes! He made a mix for each style: Afrobeat, Afro Funk, High Life, Afro Rock and Afro [...]

BiggaBush aka Lightning Head: A Short Autobiography

[ This time our guest blogger is really big, as we promised. More than big, bigger. Glyn "Bigga" Bush, from UK, is a major figure in urban music. An eclectic [...]

Afrobeat – The Sound Of Nigeria

Afrobeat - The Sound Of Nigeria

Do you remember my old post about Fela Kuti? (Check here for a quick refresh). That was my first step into Fela’s world. Now, after almost three months, I have [...]