Wendy Rene – Music & Lyrics

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Mar-06-2007


Since we started this blog 5 months ago, we have been dealing with different type of music. We wrote dozen of post about old and new music. Usually a post stay alive for 15 days. Than it sink into then Blog archive and almost disappear.

But there is one post that is always alive as people seems to can’t get enough of it. I am talking about the Wendy Rene one (check it here). So as I like to see one of my post always on the top of the “top posts” and on the top of the Google pages, I give a payback to all the people who made this happen.

Here you can find 12 songs by the great Wendy Rene. Wendy is kind of a legend. There are not that many information around. Not on her career and neither on her production. A lot of people is looking for her lyrics, but there is no way to find it on the web. So as it happens with my previous post, if anybody of you know something on Wendy, please let us everybody know.


Plus I put the After the laughter lyrics (thanks to all the people who gave me a contribution on this). If you find some mistakes, please do not hesitate to tell me what is wrong.

after laughter comes tears
after your laughter there will be tears

when you’re in love, you’re happy
when your in a arm, you gaze
this doesn’t last always

after your laughter there will be tears

my friends all say, don’t try to hold it in
but I can’t let that guy know how I feel
I’ll try to hold back my, my, my tears
but they keep say

after your laughter oh, oh, oh

I’ll try to hide, hide my sorrows
I wonder can I hold them till tomorrow
maybe Ill hold them for a year
but they keep say

after your laughter
now you will see those wet little tears

after your laughter
a little biddy tear will look climb into your eye

[NOTE: don't forget to visit Wendy Rene on MySpace and give her props! You can find an interesting biography too, where the author explains how Wendy influenced the early Jackson 5. This was a big surprise to me: Michael Jackson taking inspiration from Wendy Rene! Plus, the two share the same passion for monkeys, as you'll read....]

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26 Responses to “Wendy Rene – Music & Lyrics”


  2. Antonio says:

    Was the song sampled by the Wu-Tang, by chance?

  3. tamy says:

    I want ” I wish I were that girl ” lyrics



    • santi says:

      i want the lyrics too !!!
      i wish i were that girl.::: shes got oooh soo much
      i wish i were that girl , shes got all the loveeee…
      she found a love, the same for , i was praying for…

  4. Wendeezi Reneezi reppin on m&l says:

    wow i dont have a clue where on earth u found all these Rene songs, ive only ever even knew of 4! let alone actually head any more.

    her vocal performance on “he hasnt failed me yet” is incredible

  5. once says:

    yea it was covered by the wu tang clan on ” enter the wu (36 chambers) called “tearz”

    by the way the voice of her is impressive

  6. walton says:

    is there some link on here that I can’t find to download 12 different wendy rene songs? if so please help me find it

  7. Marty says:

    The file has expired. i will do the re-up for you tonight.

    stay tuned

  8. Marty says:

    Hey Walton did the re-up:


    Have fun with the lovely Wendy

  9. Milo the Merciless says:

    Marty – I have been trying to download Wendy Rene tracks where ever I can and after a 6 months of trying everyday I’ve managed to painfully slowly download about 6 or 7 tracks . Link has expired to download yours . I would really appreciate if you put them back up again or emailed me at milothemerciless@yahoo.com.au and we could exchange tracks. Cheers…

  10. Marty says:

    Hey Milo, try this one and let me know:


    It should work.

  11. Milo the Merciless says:

    Marty –
    Couldn’t get it to work. Got corrupted file messages and something about unexpected end to archive (???WTF???) . I guess this means back to trawling limewire

  12. Marty says:

    Forget about limewire :)

    Let me just figure it out what happened.

    I have no time right now but i will fix it by tomorrow.

  13. Milo the Merciless says:

    Cheers Marty – that worked better than anti-biotics! Now I just gotta locate some “The Drapels” or anything else with wendy rene’s voice on it . I owe ya one for that so if you want good free music – email me artist or genre info . Viva La Piracy

  14. laz says:

    you’re just the greatest man! so is Wendy.
    oh, i have no words for this. i’ve just tried to find it for so damn long time.

    piece of respect for you from Russia, man )

  15. chris desser says:

    I’d love to download those 12 songs too. . . can you reestablish the link?

  16. gabar says:

    marty can u re-up the wendy rene collection please?

  17. fan says:

    the first part of the lyrics was written down from the movie, this is all i have:
    When you’re in love, you’re happy
    Oh, when you’re in her arms, you gave
    It doesn’t matter

  18. bezoukhov says:

    Merci so very much… Wendy Rene is really great !!!

  19. Jingles says:

    How nice words….
    after your laughter
    a little biddy tear will look climb into your eye
    In fact…. This is the reality……

  20. J Cohns says:

    I agree with the previous poster!

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