Soul music compilations

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Oct-14-2006

Some years ago, for pure curiosity i picked up in a record store this wonderful soul music compilation:


Blaxploitation Vol.4: Harlem Hustle

At that time i lived 24-7 in a hip hop music dimension, and it was all good. Hip hop in the 90′s was beautiful, so i used to feel like i didn’t need other types of sound. This record teleported me instantly to a parallel universe of superbly produced sounds, inspired grooves and catchy rhythms. Moreover, thanks to hip hop super-producers of the 90′s, it was more like re-discovering sounds that i always heard in a different way. Surprisingly to me, the original breaks were often even better than the sampled version.

This compilation made me understand and love soul music.

To anyone interested in discovering soul music’s most precious gems, i suggest to check out all the four chapters of this Blaxploitation series, together with other beautiful soul music compilation series i discovered from that day on:

  • The “Pulp Fusion” series
  • Keb Darge’s “Legendary Deep Funk” series
  • “Kings Of Hip Hop” and “Kings of funk”CDs
  • The “Dusty Fingers” series
  • “The Complete Stax -Volt soul singles” series


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