Madlib’s 45 mix

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Apr-05-2007

Here we go! I am ready to fly to Bulgaria for a little Easter holiday. But don’t worry, I am not going to leave you with out anything to listen to.What’s better than another Madlib mix? (Use our search option to find more about him in this blog).

Ok, it does not make any sense to repeat again how I consider Madlib a genius. He is so eclectic and polyvalent. He moves easily from Reggae to Hip Hop, from Funk to Soul, from Jazz to anything worth a listen. This is basically what we are trying to do here at Musicselections. What is really important is the quality, If you don’t get that…….please pull over! This “Madlib’s 45 mix” is a crash-dive in soul/funk music. The title says it all, Madlib, two turntables and a pile of 45s. This is sweeter than a chocolate Easter eggs. Enjoy and I’ll be back on Tuesday.


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  1. Killa Kastro says:

    Madlib indeed is a genius !!!! Thanks for the 45 Mix !! i got you linked allready man !! Peace !

  2. Jason (D.J. Jairezzi) says:

    I’m a old head myself. And I appreciate the 45′s Mix. A lot of those songs I’ve heard before. What are the names and artist of these joints,and how do I get a hold of the original of the songs?

  3. Get Back in touch with me at my e-mail.

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  5. sean says:

    can you re-up this mix? i can’t find it anywhere.

    thanks in advance!


  6. madlib fan says:


  7. certafiedblunthead says:

    seriously been tryin to find a link for this for months, biiiig ups

  8. Simon666 says:

    Hey again guys –
    I’d really like to know the name of the track from 30:14-31:30 (comes in straight after the cover of “Check Out Your mind”) – if anyone can help? much appreciated!

  9. Hi Simon666

    Actually I don’t Know, hope someone else will help you.

    Anyway, love your site.


  10. laxattacks34 says:

    thanks for this bro. check the blog, i got you linked