Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Oct-30-2012

Welcome back, it’s retro time here at M&J’s. Today’s post is about a “Star Trek – The Original Series” episode, entitled “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”. How did a Star Trek episode give me an excuse to dig in my record collection? It’s all about wikipedia: it is such a great amusement to read the details, biography and anecdotes it provides.  Let’s find out.

The episode is about racism, and it’s definitely not a great one to be honest, but i do find amusing how it was easy back in the days to portray an alien: all you had to do was paint an actor’s face. F*#k computer graphic know what i mean? Ladies and gentlemen, meet Bele and Lokai.

[from dangermouse.net:] “Bele and Lokai fight, and Bele calls Lokai and “his people” all sorts of thinly veiled racist epithets, and Kirk expresses his amazement that they could be so at odds, when clearly they are alike. Bele drops the hammer that no, he is black on the right side, while Lokai and “his kind” are black on the left side. Kirk sees the racial hatred for what it is now.”

First of all, while you read the rest of this post, let’s warm up with this nice disco jam by mr. Maynard Ferguson. He is gettin busy on the Star Trek theme right here:

Maynard Ferguson – Theme From Star Trek:

The first alien is portrayed by actor Lou Antonio: he had a role in mission impossible, so here’s a killer reggae tune from the infamous dancehall compilation series from Soul Jazz Records:

Randy’s All Stars – Mission Impossible:

Comedian Frank Gorshin plays the second alien. He is better known for playing The Riddler in original Batman TV Show from the 70′s. Sweet! Let’s watch the first episode, the Riddler is immediately bringin troubles on this one:


in 1974, wiki says he made a guest appearance in Hawaii Five-O. Thats a great 7-inch i often carry in my bag when i’m playing northern soul, as performed by the Ventures, here it is!

The Ventures – Hawaii Five-O:

There’s also this nice picture of the comedian performing with Lou Rawls in 1977, so i cant help thinkin about this great tune by him:

Lou Rawls – The Letter:

Finally, it was a great surprise to discover this man was also involved in one of the few videogames i’ve been playing a lot when i was a youth: “[Gorshin] also voiced the characters Marius and Lysander in the computer role playing game Diablo II.”

i don’t regret any of the hours spent in those dark dungeons, especially because the music was very good! Here’s a snippet, isn’t this music good? Or am i just nostalgic? You judge:

Diablo I & II Soundtrack – Tristram Village

Well thats pretty much all, of course the Star Trek episode was just an excuse to post some tunes i love, as usual.

Did you like the tunes? Download!