The Holy Grail of Sampling: Raekwon & RZA – Ice Cream!

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-21-2010

We have been searching for ages. You have been searching for ages. They have been searching for ages.

He has found it! I don’t know who you are but you did a great job indeed!

Sample for Raekwon "Ice Cream" – Earl Klugh "A Time For Love"

Nuff respect to Mr Mass (he is baaack) who posted this on Facebook yesterday. You made our week!

Listen to Earl Klugh – A Time for Love

24 Responses to “The Holy Grail of Sampling: Raekwon & RZA – Ice Cream!”

  1. reiser says:

    Actually, THE Holy Grail of sampling is Necro’s Black Helicopters… but hey I’m not complaining.
    BTW, have you noticed that once we step into Raekwon territory some samples are taken from music I’d personally NEVER listen to just on the strength of me being heterosexual? Like, for example, on his second album how many songs were taken from this guy called Chris Spheeris?
    And now listen to this: this lies between a soft porno score and a PS1 Final Fantasy game
    I definitely don’t envy RZA

  2. djmp45 says:

    what about crooklyn dodgers “crooklyn”?

  3. The crooklin dodgers sample is well known and documented. No way it’s an holy grail.

    I will post it sooner or later.

    Until then, I’d rather keep the secret like a real digger would.

  4. djmp45 says:

    are we talking about the same one? not the return of the crooklyn dodgers , but the first one…i never heard it on any mixtape so far, i thought it was still unrevealed..i guess i need to sharp my e-digging skills :)

  5. reiser says:

    “in my personal world of music there’s no way for Necro to be a Holy grail of anything.”
    OK now you’re just hating

    BUT I’ll let this slide. For now.

    Reiser aka Kevlar Moneyclips

  6. Il Mago says:

    I’m quite disappointed… I always thought RZA did some dope cut’n'paste there… but that’s actually a plain loop!
    Anyway… supergay and superdope!

  7. Antonio says:

    Black Helicopters! Black Helicopters! Black Helicopters!

    When Necro was producing Non Phixion, his stuff was superdope, no question.
    Joppa, have a listen to 5 Boros, No Tomorrow, Black Helicopters, I Shot Reagan and even The C.I.A. Is Trying To Kill Me and let me know.

    • No way. Maybe I’m just a hater (even if I dont have any particular reason for hating Necro), but his tracks sound just too predictable to me.

      He makes good beats, he sounds good and everything, but he just doesn’t have that touch of genius that the early RZA had (and the early Pete Rock, Premo, Marley Marl and all the big producers that changed the game).

      If you listen the Ice Cream track for instance, it’s weird, irregular and unusual, but it still sounds crazy dope after 15 years. “Black Helicopters” simply can’t compare to that.

  8. What about Jigmasta’s “Don’t Get It Twisted” or Lootpack’s “Verbal Experiment”?

  9. Ok and what about Snow – Informer and Kriss Kross – Jump?

    Don’t get me wrong guys, but here i am celebrating a break that i have been personaly searching for years and years.

    A break from one of my fav tracks ever.

    A track from my fav album ever.

    A track by one of my fav producer ever.

    A track with one of my fav video ever.

    And I tell you more, in my opinion, one of the best sample ever.

    On the top of that, it reminds me to my youth and i am really emotionally attached to it.

    So, Lootpack, Jigmasta and Necro, please, pull over! :)

  10. Antonio says:

    No, Marty, if you are referring to me, you are misunderstanding.
    I did not compare Necro to RZA, or any of Necro’s stuff to Ice Cream.
    I just said that Necro’s early stuff is super dope. And I still stand by that.

    As for “a track with one of my fav video ever”, that can only be justified by your emotional attachment to the song, because the video is shit… :-)

    I honestly don’t think this one is one of the best sample ever, but I don’t know.

    And, just to be clear, count me in for loving the song, the album and the producer.

    Joppa, to me Radiohead and No Tomorrow sound weird, irregular and unusual and super-dope after all these years. Again, to each his own…

  11. Camon’ all the girls with the “wu tits”, Meth on the ice cream truck, rza at the wheel…classic stuff…

  12. There is a lot of undiscovered sample,so when you called a post”the holy grail of sample” you must wait a similar discussion.Everyone got a personal “holy grail of sampling”,for me is the spinna’s vocal-clap sample of “Don’t get it twisted”,for Reiser is “Black Helicopter”,for Mp45 is “Crooklyn Dodgers”,for Marty is Kriss Kross’s “Jump”:-),but no one wanna compare a genius of akai like the rza with a good producer like spinna or necro…

    I love the Raekwon’s tamarros video…and i love the “wu tits”

    Ps:i don’t speak english very well…

  13. This is great music. Thnx.

  14. Korleon says:

    Yall are really stupid sayin u dont envy Rza for discovering that, cause the strength of a real producers is actually to listen to EVERYTHING, cause look what kind of LEGENDARY beat he made outta that shit!

  15. @ Korleon

    stop smoking crack dude, shit is killin you

  16. Uncle Maxiemi££i here. I’m At Al B aka Albi crib and we trippin over this. We even heard it twice. Bless suuunnn.