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Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Oct-29-2006

Reuben Wilson

One of the first Rap CD i have bought in my life is People istinctive travels and the paths of rhythm ( A tribe called quest ). I remember i was in London with my parents and i went to Tower Records in Piccadilly to spend some cash. I was sixteen or seventeen years old. I came out with three CDs: the Tribe one , Runawayslave ( Showbiz and AG ) and Fear itself ( Casual ). Two classic and one good. Not bad for a kid.

The best song in this CD in my opinion is Youthful Expression. This song takes a sample from Inner City Blues of Reuben Wilson.

Ali Shaheed Mohammed did a good job using this song , do not get me wrong about it , but most of the job was done by the original artist. That is why i prefer the original. Ok , Q Tip is superb , but this is not the point , i am talking about the sound.

Reuben Wilson was born in Mounds ( Oklahoma ) in the 1935. He recorded for the label Blue Notes Record and is considered the godfather of Acid Jazz. He still actively tours.

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