Mos Def / Aretha Franklin

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Dec-18-2006

As i am very busy in this days, i give you just a quick post. The first time i heard about Mos Def was in the 1996. He appears both in De La Soul album Stakes is high and in the Bush Babees Gravity. Than i have never really followed him. If i have to listen to some “so called” conscious Rap i go with ATCQ and De La Soul. Ok, you got this, i am not a big fan of him. That does not mean i do not appreciate Fat Booty, a very sweet and persuasive song, almost a masterpiece.

And sweet and persuasive is especially the original sampled song by the great Aretha Franklyn.


Check this vintage video as well

And the Peggy Gaines version

I honestly prefer the Peggy’s one, sorry Aretha!