Lou Reed – The First Break of My Life

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Apr-30-2007

This is absolutely the first break of my life. The first one I was able to recognize at least, because in the early 90s I was not into breaks at all. I remember I came back from London with the Tribe’s CD in the 1993 after a short holiday with my family. I put the CD on my stereo and when “Can I Kick It” started  I was like: This is Lou Reed for good damn it!! And my father was like: You see, they just steel the sound from somebody else, Rap is not real music. That’s was fun at that time. After 15 years of trying, I still could not find a way to change my father opinion. And sometimes we still argue about this issue.

I remember growing up with Lou Reed as my parents own the LP since the days when It was released. Or at least when it was released in Italy. I remember myself watching the back-cover wondering why Lou Reed was so strange. There was too much to understand for a little innocent boy like I was :) , but when I grew up everything became clear. Lou Reed with his lifestyle and behaviour can kick 90% of the Rappers ass easily. And he is even more New York than them.

This album is one of the few Rock albums that I like. There are 5 classic tracks at least: Vicious, Walk on the Wild Style, Perfect Day, Satellite of Love and New York Telephone Conversation.

“Walk on the Wild Side” has been sampled by A Tribe Called Quest as I said before. I definitely prefer the Lou Reed original version but don’t get me wrong, “Can I Kick It” is a great tune from one of my favourite groups of all time.

I am not going to talk about Lou Reed as I presume there are a lot of people who knows certainly more than me about him and his music. Rock on.



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  1. ilmago says:

    Cool and wistful post Marti… I don’t remember my first for sure…
    probably was Nas It ain’t hard to tell / Human nature…

  2. feliz says:

    In these day lou reed was still fun and exciting