Heath Brothers / Nas – One Love -

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Nov-16-2006

 Heath Brothers

Smiling Billy Suite part II is a true masterpiece. This song is certainly not only a great record , is something inside me as is the sample of my favourite Rap track of all time. I first heard the Nas tune almost 13 years ago on his great Illmatic album and just about went nuts trying to track down the original sampled song.

The Heath Brothers was a Jazz group formed in 1975 by brothers Jimmy (tenor saxophone), Percy (bass), and Tootie Heath (drums) and pianist Stanley Cowell. Tony Purrone(guitar) and Jimmy’s son Mtume (percussion) joined the group later.

The group leader was without a doubt Jimmy.

“All I can say is, if you know Jimmy Heath, you know Bop.”  – Dizzie Gillespie -

“Trane was always high on Jimmy’s playing and so was I. Plus, he was a very hip dude to be with,   funny and clean and very intelligent. Jimmy is one of the thoroughbreds.”  – Miles Davis  -

“I had met Jimmy Heath, who – besides being a wonderful saxophonist – understood a lot about musical construction.  I joined his group in Philadelphia in 1948.  We were very much alike in our feeling, phrasing and a whole lot of other ways.  Our musical appetites were the same.  We used to practice together, and he would write out some of the things we were interested in.  We would take things from records and digest them.  In this way, we learned about the techniques being used by writers and arrangers.”  – John Coltrane -

So prepare yourself for the pure , unbridled jazz power of Heath Brothers.

Heath Brothers Smiling Billy Suite Pt 2