Camon’ give me a break! Part. 2

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jul-04-2007

Another five breaks, another lucky day!

1 Millie Jackson – If Loving You is wrong I don’t want to be right

Cam’Ron – “Who’s Nice”
Etienne de Crecy – “Am I Wrong”

2 Faze O – Riding High

Big Lady K – “Ridin’ High”
Black Moon – “Shit Iz Real”
Brothers Like Outlaw – “The Real McKoy”
C.E.B. – “The Man”
Capitol Tax – “The Masha”
Compton’s Most Wanted – “Slang My Keys”
Craig Mack – “Please Listen to my Demo”
Dream Warriors – “Twelve Sided Dice”
EPMD – “Funky Piano”
EPMD – “Please Listen to my Demo”
Fabe – “Je N’aime Pas”
Fat Joe – “Shit is Real”
Fresh 4 – “Wishing on a Star”
KAM – “Hang ‘Um High”
Kris Kross – “Tonite’s tha Night”
Low Profile – “Keep ‘em Flowin”
OC – “The Outro”
The Roots ft Bahamadia – “Proceed Part III”

3 Sweet Inspiration – Why Marry

Raekwon – “Criminology”

4 Tom Scott – Today

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – “T.R.O.Y.”
Raazda Rukkuz – “Da Chronic Asthmatics”
Slick Rick – “It’s a Boy”

5 Eddie Floyd – Check me out baby

Afu-Ra – “Equality”
Foxxy Brown ft Nas, AZ & Nature – “La Familia”
Missy Elliott – “Why You Hurt Me?”

No Responses to “Camon’ give me a break! Part. 2”

  1. djmp45 says:

    love the faze-o one…great tune…best use blackmoon and o.c. great 90′s moments…

  2. Marty says:

    Camon’, best use Kriss Kross Tonight’s tha night :)

  3. Leoescobar says:

    Very dopo blog.
    I would ad you to my friends and i think you will make the same.
    Check my blog.
    Thanks man.

  4. ilmago says:

    I love the Percy Sledge version of that ‘Loving you is wrong…’ tune.
    I’ll have a post on that sooner on later since you know I love Cam…
    The Millie Jackson version was sampled by Etienne de Crecy If my memory is not wrong… I am not a big Etienne de Crecy fan… Maybe you or Joppa know the song title.

  5. Marty says:

    Have a better look at the post, you ll find the answer :)

  6. ilmago says:


  7. joppa says:

    That Millie Jackson cover is really awful! bleah!

    In Italy we call that “sbudra” (ugly woman).

  8. Leoescobar says:

    Marty guarda sui commenti di rss o se vuoi te lo dico qua vorrei farti un intervista che postero’ sul mio blog se ti va contattami o scrivimi sul blog.

  9. Ralph Ravens says:

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