Beat The Devil

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-04-2010

Here’s my very first present for 2010. A short movie featuring the late James Brown. Maybe his last appeareance in a movie. Very funny and well done indeed.

“Darkness is death’s ignorance and the devil’s time”

This short footage (about 10 minutes) was directed in 2002 by Tony Scott (Beverly Hills Cop II, The Last Boy Scout)  and features Clive Owen as JB’s Driver, Gary Oldman as The Devil and James Brown as himself. Want more JB? Go visit our friend DJ Blueprint, he is runnin a JB series on his blog. Haven’t had enough? You better ask the Funky 16 Corners for more rare gems by the godfather of soul.

Last but not least, in this movie the devil’s driver is played by actor Danny Trejo: a true legend. I was searching an excuse to put him on my site and here it is (by he way: has he ever played the part of the good guy? That would be revolutionary). What do you want more? Enjoy.

Download! Beat The Devil (2002)

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    Exactly. And apparently Machete is going to ba a trilogy!