The Mighty Pow Pow Movement

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Mar-18-2008

Two years ago I saw the Pow Pow Movement for the first time and I was very impressed about the energy and the power of their performance. It was a perfect summer night and they were playing outside in a marvellous landscape. The only bad memory about that evening was a disgusting Long Island Ice Tea made with tea instead of Coca Cola. Can you believe that?

Anyway, last Friday I was chilling at home when I received an email about this night from a friend:


I was like nah, I don’t want to end up drunk and stoned at 6 in the morning…..but you know….when I thought that I was already there!

Listen to Pow Pow Movement Hardcore no 12 – SIDE A / SIDE B

No Responses to “The Mighty Pow Pow Movement”

  1. ilmago says:

    ma cos’e'? dancehall?

  2. si si, ma il fle non rende la loro potenza dal vivo.

  3. santos says:

    yo check the freshest oldschool mix at

  4. daniel says:

    pow pow is really fire. i was quite a few times in cologne on their regular friday night party and it’s just crazy how they move the crowd there. So if you are around cologne, let me know and I show you the place ;)