The funny life of a digger… No homo.

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jun-27-2008

Imagine an artist coming out today with a title like this…

3 Responses to “The funny life of a digger… No homo.”

  1. Bad Brains says:

    Actually one of the first hit singles to use the term ‘reggae’ was Toots & the Maytals ‘Do the Reggay’ with that exact spelling. In fact, Toots Hibbert is regarded as the first artist that used the term ‘reggay’ in the title of the hit single, in effect legitimizing the name of the style of music. This album was probably released in Reggae’s formative years, where the spelling was not yet set in stone.

    In retrospect, that is pretty funny though.

  2. IlMago says:

    You are right, there’s really nothing special in this record since that was the spelling of the word back then. I read somewhere that ‘Reggay’ was originally (before becaming a musical genre) a kind of Jamaican dance, of course probably with African roots.

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