A Sweet Augustus Pablo Instrumental Mix

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Oct-10-2010

Hi everybody, time for some reggae once again. If you follow us you know we have a deep love for the great Augustus Pablo here at M&J.

For the few who are not informed, he was a keboardist and melodica player from Jamaica. He learned to play the organ in Kingston college school and then, when somebody gave him a melodica (also known as the blow-organ), he fell in love with this bizarre instrument and created a unique and astounding sound out of it. His contribution to Roots Reggae music is huge, check out his vast production from the 70s onwards, he played practically every riddim.

We are -I know I can speak on behalf of mr.Martini as well- deeply fascinated by the great inspiration that comes out of his notes and how he manages to sound deep and intensly soulful in a somehow simple manner. That is the mark of greatness, no doubt. His melodies and his touch are nothing less than magic.

So what better of this nice crafted mix selection of some of his best instrumental parts? His music has no time, I guarantee you will be satisfied even if you are not deeply into Reggae Music.

Find it HERE @Musical Bones

4 Responses to “A Sweet Augustus Pablo Instrumental Mix”

  1. rchecka says:


    I LOVE Augustus Pablo! Love that Original Rockers LP! Good call!

  2. bumkuncha says:

    Thanks for the link!

  3. huge fan of augustus pablo!…thanks for sharing this mix…keep it up!…

  4. guantanamo b says:

    thanx for the direction to this great music!!