Soundation Rules The Nation!

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. Apr-26-2011

I don’t listen that much Reggae during the winter, I simply don’t feel the positive vibes when outside is raining and the air is cold and the sky is dark and you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam and the windscreen is steamed and… That’s a really bad situation isn’t it?

…and I don’t want to listen to people singing about peace and love while they are chilling on the beach. On the other hand, as soon as the spring brings some warm weather, Reggae easily becomes the music I play most in my ipod.

Few weeks ago, I was looking around the web for some great mixes to start the reggae season and I was on J Rocc’s page on soundcloud. J Rocc can play every kind of style so why don’t search for some reggae on his page? In fact I have found not one but four different sets. They are all on point.

A Reggae club that was going on for a few months at the Verdugo bar.. Selectors are Shinehead, Byze One, JFX, J,Rocc & Special Guest DJ Daz (Umoja Hi-Fi): Go Grab it!

Soundation by jrocc