Reggae Britannia Documentary

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. Jan-01-2014

(REPOST of a post from may 5, 2011. Every now and then i like to repost the good stuff, youtube link has been updated, get it while it lasts! )

RIP Smiley Culture

Check this very informative footage! It’s a complete history of Reggae music in the UK, how it originated and developed in its own peculiar way. The sound systems and clubs were fundamental in spreading this kind of music that the radio simply didn’t play at the time. You’ll see how english jamaicans started to import records from the motherland, and then began pressing vinyl reissues and of course playing their very own versions. And you’ll see the artists explaining how they did it and why. It’s a very interesting story, and if you want more of it, you can check this book, covering the full reggae history with the jamaican side of things as well.

What is more important of all, the best tunes were chosen by the people, not the record industry or the radios. The number of plays in Sound systems (and juke boxes in pubs too), were entirely up to the crowd demand. That’s a very simple (and obvious i would say) mechanism that has been so often forgotten in the big labels dictatorship days. Hopefully with the YouTube age we’ll se that again.


(they took off the audio! youtube sucks! link has been updated…let us know if they do it again)