Madlib – Blunted in the bomb shelter mix

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-09-2007

Time has definitely come to give you some great Reggae, another type of music we are in love with but despite that we have not treat so far. Ok my mistake, check also this two breaks: Yellowman and Sly & Robbie, that is Reggae without a doubt. As it is a kind of new subject for our blog, I want to start with something in a certain way Hip Hop related. This great selection is made by my man Madlib from Stones Throw Records so we are not moving too far from our Rap’s roots. Do not be afraid, we are in good hands. Madlib is a multifaceted artist. He moves from Hip Hop to Jazz, from Reggae to Soul & Funk, always keeping high quality music standards.This guy must have a terrific record collection.

He grew up in a music environment as his father was an R&B session musician who played with David Axelrod. His uncle is Jon Faddis a famous trumpeter who played with Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, Roy Ayers, Grover Washington Jr. and Bob James, just to tell you a few. He had a great family heritage and he did not waste it.

This mix is an excellent collage of some great reggae/dub classic singles. It’s a basic selection but I want to start with this. Mr Joppa will bring some more Jamaican flavor from his personal collection soon. Stay tuned.

Listen to Madlib – Blunted in the bomb shelter mix. HERE

(you must download the two parts to get the mix)

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  1. djmp45 says:

    i’ve got this cd …great mix…i like the reggae makossa tune…brilliant…do you have the shades of blue cd…where he remix some tunes from the blue note catalogue?…it’s quite good

  2. Marty says:

    Yes i do. Nice stuff as almost everything from Madlib. Write some post once in a while lazy bastard!!! just jockin’.
    Camon’ even if ur turntable is fucked up you can always write few words on some topic as u used to do at the beginning.

  3. Conscious says:

    This thing no bloooodclot workin man… What gwan bred? Nuff ting no workin!

  4. Marty says:

    You need to download the 2 files. Only with both than you can extract the whole mix.

  5. Marty says:

    ok i ll see, maybe there is something wrong. Soon i got time i ll fix it.

  6. Marty says:

    I have just try and it works man. First you extract the part 1 then he will ask u the part 2 to continue , browse the part 2 and automatically it will be linked to the part 1. I use winrar but it should be the same even with some others program.

  7. TRIBILYN says:


  8. HipHopper says:

    I Just Tried it using winrar and it does NOT work properly. Some of the stuff extracts but not without errors..

  9. Matt says:

    Can you put the fileflyer link back up, I’m interested in checkin out some tracks.

  10. I will do that tonight Matt…