Ken Boothe – Mr. Rock Steady (1968)

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Apr-18-2009

My chief editor Marty Mc Fly asked for more reggae on this blog so here it is! A very nice record from my vinyl collection. This is from  Studio One, the Motown of Reggae, a compilation album from 1968. Yes, this guy in 1968 already had “best of” albums, and he is still around! Respect to the godfather of Reggae-Soul, and my favourite jamaican artist, the great Ken Boothe.


I bought this LP last year at the Rototom Festival, here in Italy. Ripped it into 320kbps mp3s for your pleasure. As always, I left all the imperfections and vinyl noise to keep that warm feeling you have when you put the record on the plate. A couple of tunes are maybe a little damaged, as was the record. It’s old, man!


So put this one on, relax, pour a glass of red wine for your girl and enjoy this great voice, blending the great american soul singers’ tradition with the Jamaican culture. Great! here’s the tracklist:

Puppet On A String
I Don’t Want To See You Cry
Don’t Cry Little Girl
Let The Water Dry
My Heart Is Gone
When I Fall In Love
The Girl I Left Behind
Home, Home, Home
This Is Rock Steady
Give Me Back My Heart
Mustang Sally
Give Me The Right

Listen! Ken Boothe “Mr Rock Steady”

3 Responses to “Ken Boothe – Mr. Rock Steady (1968)”

  1. dizzko says:

    xcellent – this one’s been one of my favourites for years. simply amazing stuff. thanks for sharing.

  2. robbs says:

    Love vintage reggae. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. [...] Ken Boothe is reggae’s number 1 soulman, and here he proves it once again. His voice is magic and this Studio One 7 minutes version is almost hypnotic. Not to mention the warm bassline and the flawless dub section. It’s very intersting how Jamaican producers used to manipulate records, creating dubs to extend songs so they could play them all night long. Thats how DJ culture was born, back in the days in the Caribbeans. [...]