Introducing Mr. David Rodigan: the Gentleman Rudeboy

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Feb-03-2007

It is time to put some serious reggae music in this blog. We deeply love reggae music and we want to share this passion with all blog fellas.


The best way to start talking about reggae is mr. David Rodigan, the number one reggae selector all over the world. He’s from England, looks like a typical english gentleman (first time i saw him i said “hey, where is that king of reggae we came for? who is this english tourist on the mixer?”) but don’t be fooled by the fact that he does not have dreadlocks and beard (and brown skin): he is more than 25 years experienced in the reggae game, an undisputed number 1 on the decks. He got respect from all the major reggae artists, as you’ll hear.


His sets are truly entertaining, the best way to discover reggae music. He plays all types of reggae from all ages, and this is what i like most of him. He is not afraid of playing an old jamaican tune from the 60′s right after the latest Bounty Killer joint. When in Italy, he even plays “Volare”, an old tune by Domenico Modugno, making the crowd go wild.

If you don’t know him, you will be surprised by hearing his name over and over in the record he plays. This is because he plays only dubplates, which are special recordings made by the artists specifically for him. Unique cuts, a tradition you find also in the dedication freestyles in hip hop mixtapes.

Of course, i suggest not to miss his show if he comes to your town. I saw him playing live something like 20 times and he’s never boring (yes, i’m a big fan of him in case you didn’t noticed. Plus he loves Italy and comes here very often. ).

Listen this superb Rodi’s Dubplate mix 2005

Listen this epic clash in Jamaica between Rodi and KillamanJaro, the most famous jamaican sound system. However, i cut off most of the Jaro parts because they scream too much for my taste, they’d better let the music speak, as Rodigan does.



Part3 (note for Marty, and for all Shyne fans: listen what rodi says at 12′ in this one! and what a tune he plays!)

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  1. ROOTS says:


  2. BULLANT says:

    I have to admit reggae aint my thing, but good stuff on this blog. I liked the UGK post at the bottom.

  3. Marty says:

    Yo Bullant, u wanna exchange links?

    Respect to Mr Joppa, stand up to Mr Rodigan.
    Do you still have the video we shut in Milano last time?
    If so put it on or at least provide me a link.

  4. peleliu says:

    rodigan is unique

    i love his sets

    keep up the good work

  5. ozzino says:

    was absent last time in Milan, but i won’t miss next one at any cost.
    These are supreme links!

  6. ilmago says:

    Joppa I found this, we was there!

    I remember no weed and no alcool, but stayed high till dawn thanx to Rodigan.

    Unfortunately I can’t see the Professor and the Doctor in the crowd, maybe they were somewhere searching for chemical happyness.

  7. joppa says:

    Marty, this is the video we shot in Milano: a true rarity.

    Rodigan plays “Oh, mia bela madunina”, the traditional Milano anthem.

  8. BULLANT says:

    Marty, Definately keen on the link swap. Already done.

    Thanks, BULLANT

  9. Marty says:

    Bullant, i got u linked up as well. Thanks

  10. benign says:

    wow… kewl blog… im wondering why didnt you have a shoutbox? lets be affiliatez.. add me and holla me back at my blog k..

  11. froz1 says:

    Great blog! … I’ve got you added to my links


  12. German Fella says:

    Yeah David Rodigan is definitely the Best! But, he´s living a long time in Hannover, Germany and i never miss a Party with him. He´s the Best. PS: Great Blog man!

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  14. Kentroy says:

    LMAO @ number one reggae selector in the world. Killamanjaro is a DJ?? Please know what you’re talking about prior publishing information on the internet.

  15. muzilla says:

    haha “the Gentleman Rudeboy”. That guy looks really evil :D
    But I listened some of his sets and have to admit that he really has a big talent.

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