Goodbye Winter, Welcome Summer: 12 Reggae Tracks From Youtube!

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. Apr-12-2013

Like Ice Cube used to say: today was a good day! In fact, this friday, has been the very first sunny hot day of the year. Let me say, finally! As I have already told you in the past on this site, when it comes to summer, reggae is definitely my ideal sound.

This is my second youtube selection and it’s strictly jamaican style. Of course, it’s all about roots music, since I am not really into dancehall at all. Sorry kids, it’s not my cup of tea anymore. I have tried to balance between old and new tracks though. No more words, positive vibes in the building for all of you. Therefore, get your cold beer, open the window, turn up the volume, and spread the word around!