Turn Off MTV, Time For M&J TV !!

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Sep-14-2013

Ok this is kind of a joke here, but i made a youtube playlist with more than one hour of very interesting footage, and i was like: hey this is much better than what you see on TV usually, you know what i mean? So i decided to put it online here and see if someone’s feelin it.

If you follow us, you know it’s not the first time we post youtube playlists, but the other ones were not strictly videos, as sometimes there was no video but only a static image, and it was more of a listening thing. This time the visuals are off the hook, believe me. Good stuff to watch. And as for the music, well, if you’re here you know our tastes.

This is stuff you can watch when you’re smokin a puff, chillin with your friends or with someone special. I’ve had some magic moments watching these videos. But let’s go back to the music: we got some proper old school hip hop (De La Soul, Eazy E, Camp Lo anyone?), some incredible psychedelic music (from the likes of turkish superstar Erkin Koray, portrayed here, plus Frank Zappa and Mogollar), some afro deepness with Ebo Taylor and a couple of more obscure joints.

Moreover, you’ll find a great live performance by Azymuth, some proper disco vibes from Vince Montana (the joint RZA sampled for Method Man) and the Brothers Johnson, some great new soul by Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings and “The Screaming Eagle Of Soul” aka Charles Bradley. There’s much more, but i don’t want to anticipate too much and i know very few people will be reading this, so let’s go straight to the footages!

Let us know How you feel it! Peace and <3