Corny Can Be Good: 13 Videos With Soul!

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. Nov-25-2013

Time has come to kick out my 5th youtube video selection. Let me have a quick recap of the first four for you, I know you are not paying that much attention in the last period, aren’t you?. The first one was about some Afro banging tunes, the second was reggae oriented, the third one was on some unspotted music from the arabian lands and the last one was about wired music from the outer lands. Links are still working, you don’t have any excuse this time.

Today I will point you out some classic soul vibes instead. Nothing weird or ultra-rare, just good music, easy but enjoyable. I put together some old stuff like Porgy or The Manhattans alongside with some relatively new tunes from Adrian Young or FlyLo among others. As I said before, nothing really obscure this time, they are just some tracks I was really into in the last months.

There are also some new rap songs from the last couple of years and this is not really common on our blog even if we grew up with rap music. But when rap music is good, is still one of my favourite musical genre, trust me. And I still can prove that I have a good taste about it.

Playlist: Soulfull vibes