A Youtube African Journey: 11 Tracks From The Land Of The Forefathers

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. Mar-28-2013

Let’s try something new: in the last years I have found so many great and obscure tracks on youtube. Basically, when I am listening to a song, I always check what the site suggest me on the right column and, click after click, hint after hint, I stumble upon new magical music worlds.

On the other hand, during my journeys, I often forget to take notes of what I’m listening to and It’s definitely a big wast of time and music for me. To avoid that, we recently started to create playlists with the videos we like the most and we want to share with you our discoveries.

Enjoy this selection of 11 tracks: from Angola to Somalia, from Nigeria to Ivory Coast, it’s a pure funky and dusty trip!

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