25 Essential Reggae Tunes

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Apr-12-2007

Ok, let’s continue in our mission of spreading reggae vibes for people who still don’t even imagine how good reggae music can be.


Hip hop would not exist without reggae, electronic music would not exist without dub. Soul music had a deep influence on reggae artist too. So, if you love these musical styles, you could be a reggae lover too and maybe you still don’t know it.

This playlist is really nothing special : it’s probably the most obvious, straightforward reggae playlist ever. But on the other side, it is a bomb playlist: only SUPER classics. After surviving dozens of crazy reggae dancehall nights, i can tell one thing: you cannot have a reggae party without these tunes. These tracks are mandatory for EVERY reggae selector. Everyone plays them! From Rodigan to the last dj in the world….

So, all you long-time reggae fans, there is really nothing new for you here. (and yes, i know, some gems are missing, that’s for sure)


As i said, for those who are willing to take their first trip into jamaican music, this is really an essential selection. Some old classics (“satta massagana”, 1968) and some new ones (“welcome to jamrock”, 2004). A demonstration of the many flavours and styles of this amazing musical movement. A nice cd for your car too!


(not-so-technical tip: i suggest to level the track volumes before burning it. Most burning software have that feature, e.g. itunes)

Ok, here we go with the playlist (not in any particular order):

1- eek a mouse – bitty bong bong
2- barrrington levy – under mi sensi
3- wayne smith – under mi sleng teng
4- tenor saw- golden hen
5- johnny osbourne – budy bye
6- tenor saw – ring the alarm
7- sister nancy – bam bam
8- buju banton – champion
9- anthony b -police
10- black uhuru- sensimilia
11- damian marley – welcome to jamrock
12- half pint – greetings
13- barrington levy -here i come
14- buju banton – sensimilia persecution
15- capleton -jah jah city
16- bob marley -iron lion zion
17- tony rebel – if jah
18- john holt – police in helicopter
19- the abyssinians – satta masagana
20- max romeo . chase the devil
21- junior reid -one blood
22- cutty ranks – wake de man
23- sizzla – be strong
24- bob marley -could you be loved
25- super cat – don dada
bonus: sizzla – thank you mama

DOWNLOAD THE FULL PLAYLIST (and please, listen it LOUD, and don’t forget to pump up that bassline!!!)

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No Responses to “25 Essential Reggae Tunes”

  1. soup says:

    reggae and latin are two genres of music that i could never remember the names of the tracks – probably because my ex-neighbours used to welcome spring and summer with all day celebrations ;-)

    thanks for sharing this

  2. The German says:

    As an constant visitor of Reggae Partys i definitly agree with you. You can hear always some or more of this Tunes. Great Collection (for People who aren´t into that Music) PS: Your Blog is GREAT! My Taste of Music is exactly like yours ;D

  3. SoundNexx says:

    This is good stuff my man! I’m glad to see other music fans giving the reggae genre some deserving light! Keep the great music alive, and keep up the great work on your blog!


  4. abethe says:

    nice work you have done here – check my blog and get back to me in case u wanna exchange links

  5. Belize says:

    Good shyt…I recommend u try “Madlib’s Blunted in the bomb shelter”..he freaks sum classics on that cd…need a link? Lemmemknow…peace and keep em cumin..no homo

  6. joppa says:

    Thank you belize, my man marty already did a post about that madlib cd, nice one!!

    If someone’s interested, check it here: http://musicselections.wordpress.com/2007/01/09/madlib-blunted-in-the-bomb-shelter-mix/

  7. djmp45 says:

    when you’re going to post some shanti fe mixes….summer is coming and i want a reggae mix!

  8. FaTCapS says:

    Does anyone have DJ Drez – Classic Riddims? Can’t get enough reggae in the spring. Love the blog.

  9. Colin Bossen says:

    Thanks for putting this mix together. I’ve been listening to it a fair bit.

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  12. gunny93 says:

    Bob Marley gets 2 spots? That’s it?!

    No Stir It Up?
    No No Woman, No Cry?
    No Is This Love?

    Who’s gonna shoot the sheriff?
    No Buffalo Soliders?!

    That’s an outrage!

  13. He he, I understand your point of view, gunny, but Uncle Bob is already a legend all over the world….he doesn’t need further diffusion…

    I tried to give some exposure to the other jamaican legends!

    thanx for stopping by here


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  15. yoyoyo says:

    i would have to include

    junior byle – fade away

    wicked selection tho

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  17. Oskar Rough says:

    Cheers, thanks a lot for the selection. Appreciate your work here in this blog =)

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