M&J’s More Afro Madness Mix

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. Dec-08-2012

We are finally back with more african tasty flavors. What I am about to introduce to you is a strictly vinyl mix of afro music, selected by me and mixed by the one and the only Jopparelli. It’s the second session of what we hope will become a series. Check out our first chapter – M&J Afro Madness Mix – and stay tuned for the future!

Let’s see what we have this time. Track by track:

1 Black Goddess – Slave March

The first tune is Slave March from Black Goddess – The Soundtrack from Ola Bologun’s film. The album is produced by the drummer Remi Kabaka, a very famous Nigerian artist who also played with Paul McCartney in 1973, for the album Band on The Run (recorded in Lagos with Ginger Baker – Cream – who at that time was very close with Fela Kuti). Slave March is a smooth afro-jazz hypnotic ballad, perfect to put you in the right mood for the rest of the mix.

2 Lord Nelson – Shango

The second tune is Shango by Lord Nelson., from the album Black Gold – 1978. He was born in Tobago but he moved is USA as a teenager. He became very popular during the war in Korea performing for the army and at the same time he reached huge popularity in the caribbean community in Brooklyn. He is still performing nowadays.. The song is an overwhelming Soca, very enjoyable.

3 Rob -Bergain

Bargain is a groovy song by Rob aka Rob Reindorf. He is well known for his track – Make it fast, make it slow – sampled by J Dilla for – Make it fast.

4 Akeeb Kareem – Sad Memory

Akeeb Kareem was a very successful nigerian artsit back in the 70. You can read his all story on this site. Apparently, he is living in London in these days and he is an evangelist preacher. The song Sad Memory is an expressing african sorrow, very beautiful and intense.

5 Karantamba – Satay Muso

I don’t you usually feel music from Senegal. I was there in holiday some years ago and I bought some cds but I was quite disappointed. Said that, Karantamba really changed my opinion since Ndigal is a marvelous LP. Satay Muso is an obsessive and psych track with a lovely instrumental session at the end.

6 Amadou Balaké – Super Bar Konon Mousso

Born in Burkina Faso, Amadou Balaké moved first in Ghana and after in Ivory Cost. This pilgrimage gave to his sound a lot of influences. His style is in fact a mix of malian music, highlife and afrofunk. The song we have chosen reflects all of this influences.

7 K. Frimpong – Me Yee Owu Den

One of the most brilliant artists from the ghanian highlife scene: Frimpong. He did some killer hits such as Kyenkyen Bi Adi M’awu and Me Yee Owu Den, the one included in this mix. His blue and black albums are a must have for any african music lover.

8 Orchestre Poly Rythmo De Cotonou – Yeye We Nou Mi

Orchestre Poly Rythmo De Coyonou does not need any presentation. You can find several informations about this group on the web. Yeye We Nou Mi is a magnetic and tempting ballad. Groovy and spiritual at the same time.

9 Vis – A – Vis – Kankyema

Vis -A- Vis is definitely one of my favourite african group. We have already included one of their tracks in our first mix but there is space for them also in this second chapter. Another classy and catchy song with a nice rhythm and a touching sing.

10 The Apagaye Show Band – Mumunde

The Apagya Show band was a band formed by Ebo Taylor. The group produced only a bunch of singles but the sound they brought to the attention of the ghanian highlife scene was very innovative and unconventional. Mumunde is what I personally call a “choo choo train song”.

11 Buari – Advice From Father

We end the mix with some afro disco to let you shake your ass properly. From Sidiku Buari’s own words: “I’m a native of Ghana, a singer, dancer, percussionist, composer and co-arranger. My music comes from the ingredients of the traditional music and culture of Ghana. There is a strong American disco beat to these heavy African rhythms. For it is my intention that my music gives pleasure to dancers as well as educate…”.

Enjoy the mix:

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