From Disco to Pandemonium: A Very Eclectic Mix by M&J

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. Sep-04-2014

What’s up everybody? The summer is gone for Jopparelli and is coming for me and that is the time to get back on track with tanother season of blogging. We are going to start with something from the last year though!

Karantamba – Satay Muso / From: Ndigal (Teranga Beat)

My man Jopparelli during the last months was busy producing a monthly session for an italian radio program called Ritmo Radio Show. It’s a weekly broadcast consisting in a two hours show, the first hour is usually dedicated to random music selected by the host, the second hour is dedicated to a mix from a well selected guest. Now, since most of our followers are not located in Italy, we want to propose again some of his mixes and spread it all over the seven seas.

I am about to start with a mix that is a great combination of disco vibes and afro grooves. You will find both tunes for your ass shaking party time and infernal psychedelic tracks straight from the lands of West Africa. Jopparelli’s touch in this one hour mix is both smooth and rough, but always keeping great attention to the musical cohesion. Plus, you will listen to some really obscure afro tracks I am sure you have never listen to.

M&J Afro Madness Mix for Ritmo Radio Show 2013 by Martini & Jopparelli on Mixcloud