DJ MP’s first mix!! Some classic breaks…

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jun-28-2007

DJ MP45, one of this blog’s editors, has aways had a great taste and knowledge about black music. But since he never owned turntables, he always collected cds and tapes. Three yers ago he moved from Italy to Brighton, UK (the promised land of dj culture) so he started to buy vinyls and of course, he bought also two decks. Then, he produced his first mix, where he played original breaks from the best hip hop tunes he grew up with…very enjoyable!


“Finally I made my first mix since I bought decks: It took me a while to be bothered to do it…and when I did it, it was a recorded live, no re-edits,first take is good kind-of –style…so you’ll hear some mistakes in it…the volume are not right sometimes, but what really matter is the selection (65 tunes in a 75 minutes mixtape is quite a lot…plus this blog is called music selection for a reason…..).


Anyway on this one you’ll hear some of my favourite breaks (some of them being very famous and overheard, others less known, more on a funk and soul tip than on a jazz tip) and some funk delicacies from my record collection…I hope you can enjoy it and I’ll keep you updated with some more mixes( I promise……)” DJMP

Listen!! DJMP’s improvisations!

This is the tracklist:

1. Ike turner revue live –intro to shaft
2. Samson & Delilah – dj in your town
3. Eddie bo – hook and sling
4. S.o.u.l – express yourself
5. Ike & tina turner – bold soul sister
6. Quincy Jones feat Bill Cosby – hikki burr
7. Ike turner & the kings of rhythm – getting nasty
8. Lightning, thunder & rain – super funky pt II
9. Lee Dorsey – get out of my life woman
10. The Mad lads – get out of my life woman
11. The ambassadors – aint got the love
12. Detroit emeralds – you’re getting a little too smart
13. Hank Ballard – from the love side
14. James brown – big payback
15. The 9th creation – bubble gum
16. Pleasure web –music man pt II
17. Back yard heavies – expo 83
18. Cymande – the message
19. Shirley bassey – light my fire
20. Baby huey – hard times
21. Al hirt – harlem hendo
22. The Charmels – as long as I’ve got you
23. Labi siffre – the vulture
24. Fat back band – put your love
25. Sly & the family stone – trip to your heart
26. Syl johnson – different strokes
27. Geno Washington & the ram jam band – different strokes
28. Lowell Fulson – tramp
29. The Mohawks – champ
30. Matata – i feel funky
31. Kool & the gang – who’s gonna take the weight
32. Johnny Cameron & the Camerons – funky john
33. The Third guitar – baby don’t cry
34. Leroy & the Drivers – the sad chicken
35. Freddie & the Kinkfolk – mashed potato, pop corn
36. The Brothers seven – funky smunk
37. Eddie Bo- from this day on
38. Marva Whitney – unwind yourself
39. The Pc’s ltd – fast man
40. Bob & Earl – harlem shuffle
41. The Commodores – keep on dancing
42. Ike Turner & the kings of rhythm – funky mule
43. Lee Moses – reach out, I’ll be there
44. Dennis Coffey – scorpio
45. The Vibrettes – humpty dump
46. Arthur Monday – what goes around comes around
47. The Mar-keys – plantation inn
48. Booker t & M.G.’s – hip hug her
49. The Mar keys – grab this thing
50. Tony Avalon & the Belairs – sexy coffee pot
51. James Brown – funky president
52. The J.B.’s – pass the peas
53. The chefs – mr machine
54. Rufus thomas – the funky penguin
55. Lou courtney – hey joyce
56. Jimmy castor bunch – it’s just begun
57. Bt express – what you do in the dark
58. Slave – son of slide
59. The Blackbyrds – rock creek park
60. Bobby Byrd – I know you got soul
61. James brown – blind man can see it
62. Z.Z. Hill – I think I’d do it
63. James brown – papa don’t take no mess
64. Mickey & the soul generation – give everybody some pt I
65. Ike Turner review live – shaft

No Responses to “DJ MP’s first mix!! Some classic breaks…”

  1. djmp45 says:

    thanks mate!more mixes on the way…found some interesting 45′s…i’ll keep you updated

  2. joppa says:

    Si ma cosa mi dici della foto della cameretta coi mixtapes….la lacrimuccia di nostalgia te la fa scattare eh!

  3. djmp45 says:

    non mi ricordavo che avevi fatto quella foto…meno male non hai messo le foto con jeru di quando avevo 15 anni!!la lacrimuccia mi viene perche’ tutti quei mixtape li vorrei in formato cd!
    ultimamente ho trovato dei 45 paura, tipo chambers brother”funky”…quella di i left my wallet in el segundo, una versione reggae di get out of my life woman di junior english che fara’ contento marty(se non ce l’ha gia’…..) e una versione di un gruppo delle barbados di think di lyn collins…ci saranno sul prossimo mix.
    buon weekend..anche se qua piovera’ come al solito!

  4. Marty says:

    Grande la versione reggae di get of my life woman.

    Ti do una missione Prea. Esiste una versione reggae anche di After Laughter Comes Tears di Wendy Rene. Daga det, se la trovi fammi sapere quanto costa.

    Anche se trovi l’originale Stax dimmelo. Su e bay la vendono ma a prezzi improponibili. Quella Reggae invece non si trova da nessuna parte ma esiste.

  5. djmp45 says:

    dovrei chiedere allo zio della mia ragazza, che ha una collezione di soul assicurata per 50000£! il tipo e’ stato uno dei primi in inghilterra ad avere un mobile disco (una specie di sound system su macchina) e di soul ne ha una cifra…il problema che non vende…figurati che si e’ visto otis redding dal vivo…insomma uno che di soul ne sa….ma purtroppo non sgancia….anyway, non sai di chi e’ la cover?

  6. Ozzino says:

    Già sentito in anteprima, gran bel lavoro complimenti!

  7. joppa says:

    The rare track we’re looking for is:

    Ernest & Freddie “After Laughter” – Studio One

    If someone got that track, it would be great if you share it!!

  8. djmp45 says:

    the track is Freddie McGregor after laughter coxsone 1968, i’ll try to find it at my local 7″ shop…it will be bloody difficult i reckon!

  9. joppa says:

    Ozzino already found the Freddie McGregor after laughter mp3 on Soulseek!

  10. djmp45 says:

    crate digging and soulseek are two different business!!!yesterday i went to check and there was some coxsone 7″, but not that one….but i found david matthews “dune”on cti…where large pro took the mad scientist sample and where there’s the star wars disco version…very nice one!

  11. Marty says:

    Su e bay c’è, ma ti dirò, non è che sia poi una gran versione.

    Ho trovato anche Wendy rene a 34$. Ogni giorno il prezzo varia. Prima o poi lo prendo.

  12. ilmago says:

    What the hell were you doing with that PC? Is that the notorious ‘pyramid mix’?
    ;) ;)

  13. djmp45 says:

    probably….when i used to have fun with a laptop…do you enjoyed the mix?

  14. Mike says:

    Man, you gotta have a lot of records, if all this is played from vinyl. Respect! I started collecting Funk Lp and 45s a year ago and it’s pretty hard in my area to get all the stuff I want. You even have a 7″ store. I’m getting really, really jealous right now, because here in southern Germany you wouldn’t expect such a thing.

    However, I enjoy the mix a lot…nice selection. I made a little mix on my blog too a while ago. Maybe you find some time to take a listen.


  15. Mike says:

    Having a closer look at your tracklist, I’d like to take a guess: you own the compilation Soul Treats on Strictly Breaks, don’t you? :)

  16. ilmago says:

    not downloaded yet, I’ll let you know when I will listen it
    anyway, I appreciate the tracklist selection.

  17. Ozzino says:

    i agree mp, but you know everybody does at their best :)

  18. djmp45 says:

    yes mike i’m guilty….next mix will be just original pressings!nice blog anyway….

  19. Mike says:

    I don’t care about original pressings that much. Of course, if I can get a cheap one, I’ll take it, but in the end it’s all about the music. If there weren’t all these delicious Strictly Breaks Sampler I wouldn’t have discovered a lot of music I now enjoy everyday.
    And concerning originals, I don’t want to know how expensive a original copy of Tom Scott’s album “Honeysuckle Breeze” is.

  20. djmp45 says:

    mike, the good thing about compilation is that you can scratch them as much as you can not caring about it and if you play somewhere you dont have to take millions of records with you…i dont know how much that tom scott is?do you have it?i think” today ” (especially the horn part) is a nice song but i wont play anywhere

  21. Mike says:

    I once saw it on eBay for 150 $. And when I happen to be behind the tables I always play “Today”, especially after T.R.O.Y. Unfortunately noone realizes it…