Dj mp45 – 45 from the seaside: an all funk 45 mix

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Sep-13-2007


To celebrate the good work of my mates martini & jopparelli (and ozzino & il mago obviously) , 200000 hits for this blog and the nearly 1 year anniversary, I’ve finally managed to put together a funk 45’s mix only, with some originals and some reissues, plus some new funk from new funk bands.

The mix starts with two brilliant reggae cover of two very famous breaks (get out of my life woman and hot pants), then it’ll get more into funk .

I’ve tried to keep the reissues at a minimum, but I still have to pay the rent and I can’t afford a “trespasser”….still managed to play some rarities (third guitar “down to the river”…which not a lot people play…American of 68”come on mama” …and some others…you guys probably know better than me….) and some doubles like iron leg and hook & sling.

The sounds quality is not the best… put it in your stereo and play it very loud!!!

The picture you see above was taken in Brighton: when James Brown(r.i.p) died they put up this massive graffiti…anyway on the right you see a shop with “across” written on it…that’s one of the best record shop here (thanks for the guys there…especially the old one for selling me bob smith & the boo-kou’s for a mere 3 £…nice one!!!!)…it’s not really revealing a secret spot because everybody goes there already.

The next mix will be straight up 90’s hip hop…so the mixing will be much better(you cant do much with 45’s unless you are cut chemist or dj shadow!)

If you like the mix, drop a comment!




  1. intro
  2. junior english –get out of my life woman(dinamite soul)
  3. the del tones – hot pants (white label)
  4. samson & delilah – there’s a dj in your town (indigo)
  5. bad medicine –trespasser pt1 (enyx/stone throw)
  6. slim & the funky four – i’m gonna warm it up (roxbury)
  7. thunder, lightning & rain – super funky pt 2 (voxpop reissue)
  8. joe tex – papa was too (atlantic )
  9. billy garner – i got some (fryers reissue)
  10. johnny guitar watson –superman lover (djm)
  11. calvin arnold – funky way (mgm)
  12. sky – skyjackin (soul unlimited)
  13. high society brothers – don’t spill the wine(port arthur)
  14. oliver sain – st.louis breakdown (mojo)
  15. general crook –what time it is pt 2 (down to earth)
  16. willie smith & cliff driver infernal machine –i got a new thing (genuine)
  17. nu-sound express ltd.-one more time you all (pye international)
  18. kool & the gang –n.t. pt 2 (de-lite)
  19. mickey & the soul generation – iron leg (maxwell)
  20. honey & the bees – love addict (arctic)
  21. harvey & the phenomenals – soul & sunshine (funk 45 reissue)
  22. eddie bo – hook & sling (scram)
  23. chambers brothers – funky (columbia)
  24. orgone – no more gravy (ubiquity)
  25. creative funk – moving world (creative funk)
  26. miami – chicken yellow (drive)
  27. the shades of black – mistery of black pt2 (funk 45 reissue)
  28. eddie bo – if it’s good to you (it’s good for you) (scram)
  29. freddy & the kinfolk – blabbermouth (dade)
  30. dyke & the blazers – funky walk pt2 (original sound)
  31. matata - return to you (president)
  32. curly moore – lil sally walker (roxbury)
  33. bobby williams – funky super fly pt1 (duplex)
  34. willie henderson & the soul explosion – funky chicken (mca)
  35. syl johnson – different strokes (twilight)
  36. otis & carla – tramp (stax)
  37. thomas east & the fabulous playboys – i get a groove (toddlin town)
  38. The people’s choice – I likes to do it (phil l.a.of soul)
  39. Count Sydney and his Dukes – the Grandpa (Gold Band Records)
  40. chuck carbo – can i be your squeeze (souljazz reissue)
  41. david robinson –i’m a carperter (tramp reissue)
  42. brother lloyd’s all star – tramp (dynamite soul)
  43. esquires – think (antillana)
  44. dennis coffey – el tigre (westbound)
  45. oliver sain – bus stop (abet)
  46. sir joe & free soul – i’ve got so much trouble (mantis first edition)
  47. the sugarman three – funky so-and-so pt2 (datone)
  48. little royal & the swingmasters – razor blade (trius)
  49. big john hamilton – big bad john (minaret)
  50. Nairobi afro band – soul makossa (town hall one stop records)
  51. the beginning of the end – funky nassau pt2 (atlantic)
  52. mongo santamaria – watermelon man (Columbia)
  53. the americans of 68 – come on mama (ovide)
  54. bob smith & the boo-kou’s – that thing is green (boo-kou)
  55. bob & earl – harlem shuffle (island)
  56. johnny jones and the king casuals – purple haze
  57. the first family – control (polydor)
  58. archie bell & the drells – tighten up (atlantic)
  59. the commodores – keep on dancing (atlantic)
  60. alvin cash – keep on dancing (toddlin town)
  61. breakout – planet rock pt2 (melting pot)
  62. marva whitney – unwind yourself (king)
  63. troubled soul – funky me (crowbar records)
  64. duke turner – doggie dog world (omega)
  65. fabulous counts– lunar funk (moira)
  66. third guitar – down to the river (rojac)
  67. mercy men – fifth street (bee gee)
  68. ripple – willie pass the water (grc)
  69. outro

12 Responses to “Dj mp45 – 45 from the seaside: an all funk 45 mix”

  1. mp45 says:

    thanks for the help marty..hope you’ve enjoyed the mix

  2. encore says:

    the links not working

    can u up it again?

  3. joppa says:

    we’ll do the re-up as soon as possible….thank you

  4. joppa says:

    DJ MP45 mix is online again!

    Updated link:

  5. DJBite says:

    Thanx for this great collection! If you got all these on 45′s you must be a lucky man :-) I’ll look out for more of your mixes!

  6. mp45 says:

    thanks mate, appreciate that you dropped a comment….look out for the next mix and keep visiting this blog.

  7. This is great. I haven’t been able to transfer 45′s to digital with any great sound quality so I have given up until I can afford a good preamp. I was describing a set to a friend with a few selections and figured I could find some MP3′s online (without always sending Funk45 as a link). I stumbled onto your site and I have pretty much played the above set record for record. Weirdly the discussion started when I was trying to describe the High Society Brothers 7-inch. You guys came up pretty high in the results through Google. Thanks for the great Mix. I do prefer whole songs but as beat tapes go this is a pretty damn good one.

    - pat.

  8. djmp45 says:

    thanks for the comment mate!the high society brother 7″ is a great tune…cant find much about them on the net…if it was a rare old record it will be a beatdigger holy grail ..the drums are soooo heavy and clear!!keep an eye on the site for more mix to come..

  9. don chalant of Brothaz Bent says:

    yo I got a copy of that High Society Brothers 7 inch..I still cant tell if its an OG record or a new age funk release???

  10. earl grey says:

    nice mix man! is the deltones “hot pants” 45 a reissue/where can i get it?

  11. djmp45 says:

    the deltones tune is a white label/bootleg 7″ i’ve got from some people from australia and the b-side is the instrumental which is quite nice to have..i got it from ebay and think they were listing it quite often …so worth checking…thanks for checking the mix