?uestlove Sample Lesson Mix Strictly for 200000 Hits!!!

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Sep-02-2007

Many thanks to all the visitors! Keep on….

?UESTLOVE / SAMPLE MIX LESSON by Leisuresuitlar on Mixcloud

Click “More” for Tracklist:

1. Arc Choir – “Jesus Walks” (Mapleshade) (USED IN = Kanye West – “Jesus Walks” (Roc-A-Fella))

2. Nu Birth – “You’re What I’m All About” (?) (USED IN = Biggie Smalls – “Player Anthem (X-Ray))

3. The Whatnaughts – “I’ll Erase Away Your Pain” (Priority) (USED IN = Kanye West – “Late” (Roc-A-Fella))

4. Main Ingredient – “Let Me Prove My Love To You” (RCA) (USED IN = Alicia Keys – “You Don’t Know My Name” (J Records))

5. Silvia Striplin – “You Can’t Turn Me Away” (Charly) (USED IN = Junior M.A.F.I.A. – “Get Money” (X-Ray))

6. The Temptations – “I Don’t Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky” (Motown) (USED IN = Common – “The Corner” (Geffen))

7. Honey Cone – “Innocent Till Proven Guilty” (Fantasy) (USED IN = Common – “Testify” (Geffen))

8. DJ Rogers – “Faithful To The End” (RCA) (USED IN = Common – “Faithful” (Geffen))

9. Luchi DeJesus – “Round About Midnight” (?) (USED IN = KRS ONE – “A Friend” (Jive))

10. Dynasty – “Adventures In The World Of Music” (Solar/Sequal) (USED IN = Camp-Lo – “Luchini” (Profile))

11. Willie Mitchell – “Grovin’” (Hi) (USED IN = GZA – “Liquid Swords” (Geffen))

12. Wendy Renay – “After The Laughter Come Tears” (Stax/Altanta) (USED IN = Wu Tang Clan – “Tearz” (Loud))

13. The Charmels – “I’ll Never Grow Old” (Stax/Altanta) (USED IN = Wu Tang Clan – “Cream” (RCA))

14. Dione Warwick – “You’re Gonna Need Me” (Invictions) (USED IN = Usher – “Throwback” (Arista))

15. Billy Cobham – “Heather” (Wounded Bird) (USED IN = Souls of Mischief – “93 Till Infinity” (Jive))

16. Beherd Wright – “Halboglabotribin’” (BMG) (USED IN = Snoop Dogg – “Gz & Hustlaz” (Death Row))

17. Jack Bruce – “Born 2 Be Blue” (Atco) (USED IN = Smith N Wesssun – “Buck Town” (?))

18. Aretha Franklin – “Call Me” (Rhino/Atlanta) (USED IN = Slum Village – “Selfish” (Capitol))

19. Quincy Jones – “Summer In The City” (A&M) (USED IN = Pharcyde – “Passin Me By” (Delicious Vinyl))

20. Joe Simons – “Before The Nite’s Over” (?) (USED IN = Outkast – “So Fresh & So Clean” (Arista))

21. Peabo Bryson – “Born 2 Love” (Unknown) (USED IN = Nas – “2nd Childhood” (Sony))

22. The Chi-Lites – “That’s How Long I Love You” (Unknown) (USED IN = Jay Z – “Dec 4″ (Roc-A-Fella))

23. Abdel Halim-Hefes – “Khasiaraya-Gar” (EMI Arabia) (USED IN = Jay Z – “Big Pimpin’” (Roc-A-Fella))

24. Labi Siffre – “I Got The” (Mr Bongo) (USED IN = Eminem – “My Name Is” (Aftermath)/Jay Z – “The Streets Is Watching” (Roc-A-Fella))

25. Samuel Johnson – “My Music” (Columbia) (USED IN = Jadakiss – “We’re Gonna Make It” (Ruff Ryders/Interscope))

26. Milt Jackson – “Olinga” (CTI) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest – “Award Tour” (Jive))

27. War – “Magic Mountain” (Rhino) (USED IN = De La Soul – “Potholes In My Lawn” (Tommy Boy))

28. Ahmad Jamal – “Swahililand” (20th Century) (USED IN = De La Soul – “Stakes Is High” (Tommy Boy))

29. Gap Mangione – “Diana In The Autumn Wind” (GRC) (USED IN = Slum Village – “Fall In Love” (Capitol)/Jaylib – “Official” (Stones Throw))

30. David McCallum – “The Edge” (Capitol) (USED IN = Dr Dre – “Next Episode” (Aftermath))

31. Creative Source – “I Can’t See Myself Without You” (Sussex/Polydor) (USED IN = Freeway – “What We Do” (Unknown))

32. Average White Band – “Love Your Life” (Rhino) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest – “Check The Rhyme” (Jive))

33. Funkadelic – “Let’s Take It To The People” (Westbound) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest – “Everything Is Fair” (Jive))

34. Ronnie Foster – “Mystic Brew” (Blue Note) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest – “Electric Relaxation” (Jive))

35. The Chi-Lites – “Are You My Woman?” (Brunswick/Eugene) (USED IN = Beyonce – “Crazy In Love” (Columbia))

36. The Meters – “Oh Calcutta!” (Josie) (USED IN = Amerie – “One Thing” (Sony))

37. McCoy Tyner – “Impressions” (Milestone/OJC) (USED IN = Black Sheep – “The Choice Is Yours” (Mercury))

38. Nirvana – “Indiana” (White) (USED IN = The Roots – “Dynamite” (Geffen))

Download it here!

21 Responses to “?uestlove Sample Lesson Mix Strictly for 200000 Hits!!!”

  1. omg says:

    god bless your souls.

  2. Ben says:

    Thank you!!

  3. DJBite says:

    Most of these are quite well known, but I’m looking forward to hear it all mixed together, thanx!

  4. Marty says:

    You are welcome guys!

  5. mp45 says:

    great job mates…not that i have to tell you!!..the mix is on the way, need just the final touch…lots of tasty 45′s…
    joppa:you should do a best of bootcamp click mixtape…i’ve been waiting for that for years..now that you got the”i gotcha opin” rmx, there’s no excuse!(plus i think we all quite big fan of their first 3 album and it will represent this blog quite well), right?

  6. Marty says:

    Hey MP45 waiting for your mix.

    Did you listen to my essential Afro sound?

  7. mp45 says:

    sorry for the delay, but i partied too hard this saturday and sunday was spent on the sofa recovering watching juventus-cagliari (the only italian match shown on english channels..not that i’m a supporter of any of them)…end of this week you’ll have it.
    i haven’t downloaded it but it sounds bloody good by the tracklist!
    what you think about my suggestion for joppa to do the best of bootcamp mixtape?

  8. Marty says:

    Sounds good to me. I still remember you singing Ain’t no joke by Buckshot da B.D.I emcee at the Lazzaretto :)
    We all love BCC!

  9. joppa says:

    …and don’t forget mp45 has been the only italian fan to visit the BCC headquarterz back in 1995! Where he met Buckshot, Dru ha and Cutty Ranks!!

    Yes, (early) BCC is still my favourite group, before wu and tribe…i should definitely do that mix….sooner or later….

    I paid a lot for that black moon vinyl (gotcha opin remix, plus a killer B side i don’t remember the title…) but no way i leave it in the shop!

    Ormai è diventato il mio motto…”Col tempo le storie ci sono tutte!”

  10. ilmago says:

    200000 feet high and rising…

    I just moved to Verona for next ballin season.
    Sorry guys I have been lazy this summer… I’ll come with some good post and mixes this autumn.
    I would appreciate to do some work in collaborations, everyone working alone with his pc isn’t that fun…

    anyway… good job players!

  11. mp45 says:

    i probably still have my bcc official jacket in italy as well…

  12. Marty says:

    The Blog game is not a Xbox game.

    There is no fun, it’s a hard job!

    Ask Ozzino aka The Hardest Working Man in Blog Business :)

    Just jockin’ , I am willing to collaborate, let me know more about it.

  13. Belize says:

    wow..wow..wow..this dat shyt right here

    *daps marty*

    *rolls out bumpin Back of my Lac by J. Holiday*

  14. Mike says:

    wow..this was dope but too bad that it’s all in a single mp3.

  15. Mike says:

    31. Creative Source – “I Can’t See Myself Without You” (Sussex/Polydor) (USED IN = Freeway – “What We Do” (Unknown))

    32. Average White Band – “Love Your Life” (Rhino) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest – “Check The Rhyme” (Jive))

    Between those 2 there is a song that isn’t
    in the tracklist


  16. Marty says:

    Hi Mike what’s up?

    you are right, i will try to find out the name of track.

    Do you have any idea?


  17. Cme & The Riff Raffs says:

    WHOA…I know some of these already but this is STUPID helpful I can’t wait to get in the mix with these bonafied bangahz!!!

  18. Nuggets says:

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  19. biffwooten says:

    Love this post! Just posted about a sample in Check the Rhime myself…thought you might be into it.


  20. Martin says:

    Here is another Questo Sample mix different from the one you posted. Below you will find the tracklisting. I filled it in as much as I could but I couldn’t pinpoint every track. Any help would be appreciated.

    Zapp – ‘Be Alright’ (Used For ‘Keep Ya Head Up’)
    The Main Ingredient – ‘Let Me Prove My Love To You’ (Used For ‘You Don’t Know My Name’)
    Ramp – ‘Daylight’ (Used For ‘Bonita Applebum’)
    David Porter – ‘The Masquerade Is Over’ (Used For ‘Who Shot Ya’)
    Sylvia Striplin – ‘You Can’t Turn Me Away’ (Used For ‘Get Money Remix’)
    ? – 4:12
    Barry White – ‘Playing Your Game, Baby’ (Used For ‘I Got Cha Opin’)
    Grover Washington JR – ‘Hydra’ (Used For ‘How Many MC’s Must Get Dissed’)
    Honey Cone – ‘Innocent Till Proven Guilty’ (Used For ‘Testify’)
    ? – 9:12
    The Temptations – ‘What It Is’ – (Used For ‘The Corner’)
    Dynasty – ‘Adventures in the Land of Music’ (Used For ‘Luchini’)
    Quincy Jones – ‘Summer In The City’ (Used For ‘She Keeps Passing Me By’)
    Joe Simons – ‘Before The Nite Is Over’ (Used For ‘So Fresh & So Clean’)
    Peabo Bryson – ‘Born 2 Love’ (Used For ‘2nd Childhood’)
    The Heath Brothers – ‘Smilin’ Billy Suite Part 2’ (Used For ‘One Love’)
    9th Creation – ‘Bubble Gum’ (Used For ‘Wrong Side Of The Tracks’)
    Ernie Hines – ‘Our Generation’ (Used For ‘Straighten It Out’)
    The Four Tops – ‘Ain’t No Woman (Like The One I Got)’ (Used For ‘Ain’t No’)
    Brenda Russell – ‘A little Bit of Love’ (Used For ‘Still Not A Player’)
    BT Express – Do It ‘Till You’re Satisfied (Used For ‘So Addictive’)
    Chi-Lites – ‘Are You My Woman (Tell Me So)’ (Used For ‘Crazy In Love’)
    The Meters – ‘Oh, Calcutta!’ (Used For ‘One Thing’)
    Bob James – ‘Tappan Zee’ (Used For ‘People Everyday’)
    David Axelrod – ‘The Edge’ (Used For ‘The Next Episode’)
    Ronald Stein – ‘Go Home Pigs’ (Used For ‘Guilty Conscience’)
    Labi Siffre’s – ‘I Got The’ (Used For ‘Streets Is Watching’, ‘My Name Is’)
    The Charmels – ‘I’ll Never Grow Old’ (Used For ‘C.R.E.A.M.’)
    Wendy Rene – ‘After Laughter’ (Used For ‘Tearz’)
    Willie Mitchell – ‘Groovin’’ (Used For ‘Liquid Swords’)
    Dione Warwick – ‘You’re Gonna Need Me’ (Used For ‘Throwback’)
    ? – 35:15
    Gap Magione – ‘Free Again’ (Used For ‘Iron’s Theme’)
    Baby Huey – ‘Hard Times’ (Used For ‘Buck 50’)
    Ahmad Jamal – ‘Ghetto Child’ (Used For ‘They Say’)
    Aretha Franklin – ‘One Step Ahead’ (Used For ‘Ms. Fat Booty’)
    Jerry Butler – ‘Mechanical Man’ (Used For ‘Bring The Pain’)
    Sly & the Family Stone – ‘Trip to your heart’ (Used For ‘Momma Said Knock You Out’)
    20th Century Steel Band – ‘Heaven and Hell is on Earth’ (Used By Various)
    Enoch Light – ‘Hijack’ (Used For ‘Off The Books’)
    Bobby Caldwell – ‘Open Your Eyes’ (Used For ‘The Light’)

    Enjoy as this is a must own mix for any Hip-Hop lover.


  21. Thanks a lot!

    I will do a post with a link to your page….