Two “Unknown” Mixtapes For The Beat Heads

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Jan-31-2012

Welcome back, this week it’s record diggin renaissance here at M&J, as we present you a couple of killer mixtapes from Florence. At the controls is Duccio from the Ragnampiza crew, a prolific DJ and passionate record collector who loves to experiment by mixing different kind of styles, and he does it with a great amount of expertise and good taste, as you’ll see.

Duccio is a long time friend of this blog, but don’t get me wrong, we are posting this stuff over absolute quality, not friendship. It’s not that “hey, listen to my man” thing you read everyday on the net.

These mixtapes, “The Unknown Edition” and “Still Unknown” were released for Ecko Clothing (you’ll find many others on their italian site if you wish) and are mostly centered on the eclecticity of Hip Hop from a record collector’s point of view.

Lord Finesse vs Percee P – Rap Battle

The DJ played tunes from his favourite beat makers and blended them with any sort of styles and flavas as long as they sound “right” together. A wide range of music is represented, picked up and thrown in the mix as the recording goes without thinking too much, with the intent to create a musical path based on the DJ’s feeling at that precise moment.

Of course not everything its “mixed” in a strict sense, because by doing so with some tunes you risk to mess up their true nature (and you miss the initial break, which is often the dopest section).

Selda Bagcan – Ince Ince (1975) (High Quality Audio)

From Dilla to turkish star Selda Bagcan (as sampled in Percee P’s song), from Rock, Psych, Jazz, to Rare stuff. Be prepared to hear crazy beats from Library music and Ethnic grooves from the far corners of the world, from Turkey to Brazil to the Middle East. Feel lost? Don’t be, these mixes are incredibly linear and coherent while they quickly pop secret gems in your face one after another, give them a try.

The Unknown Edition by Ecko Unltd Podcasting

STILL UNKNOWN by Ecko Unltd Podcasting