Time For Some Reggae! Shanty Sound Selection

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jun-18-2008

Summer is coming and my two posts about essential reggae tunes were a huge success: so why not puttin some more Reggae on this site? Lately we’ve been busy with other styles, but Martini & Jopparelli LOVE Reggae Music!

Reggae is blowin up right now in Italy. Every city has his sound systems battling each other tune on tune, and the youth go crazy for it! Some years ago Hip Hop was the “cool” music, the “new thing” for the youngsters. But now it’s Reggae. Hip Hop in Italy never earned such a massive audience. And the proof is there are a lot of live concerts around, all the most important Jamaican artists come to Italy as a second home. It’s Reggae time.

Shanty Sound is the Champion Sound in my town. He rules the area with his stunning selections and remarkable dedicated special recordings. This mix was recorded live on February the 25th, on my birthday party. He was so kind to donate me this good vibes I’m going to give you right now.

Listen this ruff 7 inch mix featuring some specials (you will hear his name pronounced by the greatest Jamaican legends here and there, along with the names of the crew members: big up Marchino, Giuly and Teo!), some new stuff and a lot of classic stuff you may have not heard. He plays Reggae the way it is supposed to be played: fast switching between tracks, rugged mixing style with fast cuts and rewinds and of course strictly vinyls, with lots of crackles and pops noise!!

Listen! Shanty Sound is in your town!

(NOTE:  …….. an entire post about Reggae without dreadlocks images? All the artist portrayed are legends, but you don’t need dreadlocks to be a Reggae legend! In order: Bob Marley and Wailers, Desmond Dekker, The Heptones, King Tubby.  —-> Youth, learn the lesson…It’s not about how you look.)

13 Responses to “Time For Some Reggae! Shanty Sound Selection”

  1. Lovely.

    Big up Shanty Sound!

  2. djmp45 says:

    the tag should be 45 rpm or 7inch….i doubt he could play a 45inch vynil …if it exists……

  3. grazie signor saputello!


    ma ti è piaciuto il mix o non l’hai neanche scaricato? Non è random rap ma è random reggae!

  4. djmp45 says:

    certo che l’ho scaricato…e’ una vita che aspettavo che mettessi un mix di fe!!!

  5. IlMago says:

    Joppa messed up a little because his car’s got 45 inches iced out spinning…

  6. Moka says:

    Ragazzi questo mix è troppo bello. Mia moglie è una RaggaeHead e anche lei vi fa i complimenti. Un saluto da Los Angeles :-)

  7. Grazie per aver lasciato un commento Moka!

    Girero’ i complimenti al DJ!

    Dovremmo esserci abituati, ma fa sempre una certa impressione ricevere complimenti da oltre oceano!

    Cercheremo di mettere piu’ reggae in futuro…

    Saluti a te e alla tua Reggae Girl !!

  8. BreddaP says:

    what a wonderful website!
    I’m going to make a practice of check it in the future!
    complimenti Joppa!

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