Some New Orleans Classics

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. May-27-2013

Welcome back, this time we have  DJ MP45 pointing us to a very nice mixtape. We’re talkin about a dope Hip Hop mixtape from the New Orleans area, featuring a lot of classics of the “Pre Bounce” era.

If you’re into bounce music, as we are, you can surely enjoy this mix as it delivers the foundating roots of bounce: you can hear that groove  all over the mix even if the tunes are not strictly “bounce”, but instead mostly old school and west coast stuff.


Bust Down – putcha bally's on

This is the A-side of the “Hour Of Gangsta Power” mix by Dj Ice Mike. Let’s read a few words from our friend:

Ice Mike is probably one of the most influential hip hop producers in the New Orleans rap and bounce scene since its early stage.
He has 3 albums worth checking under his belt but mainly produced lots of music from the Big Easy since 1991 including the seminal tune from bust down put your ballys on.

In this mix you’ll hear probably what was being played in New Orleans in the 90s: east coast and west coast rap(especially tunes likes N.W.A’s express yourself and D.O.C’s It’s funky enough) and ,local rap sensations like Tim Smooth, Miami bass and bounce music all mixed up together, it’s a bit different than your average rap mixtape. (DJ MP45)

Dj Ice Mike – Hour Of Gangsta Power – Side A by Martini & Jopparelli on Mixcloud

download HERE!