Ritmo Radio Show – 26.09.2015 – new season episode #3 – M&J in the mix

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Dec-15-2015

Welcome back, time to catch up on some radio podcasts we have not posted here yet (yes, we’ve been lazy and busy playing out quite a lot). This one’s from a few months ago. A new RITMO RADIO SHOW season has started, this year the show’s running time has been taken down to one hour, and i must say i’m very happy with that.

The show flows quicker and our 30 mins mixes are definitely more enjoyable. Said that, let’s talk about this mix. I wanted to start the season with an uncompromising mix of rugged, athmosferic jazz interludes introducing a couple of bangin disco-cosmic style tunes i bought this summer. Here’s an example, a marvellous cut by Roberto Auser i chose to play a little bit slower:

And here’s another one i want to mention, this track is simply fantastic, love the extraterrestrial vibe:

Ok, now you have an idea, go listen this RITMO episode … more to come in the next days!



Ritmo Radio Show – 26.09.2015 – new season episode #3 MARTINI & JOPPARELLI in the mix by Ritmoradioshow on Mixcloud